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Spectrum Coexistence for the Marine Corps by Mr. Dennis J. Murphy

Balancing Autonomy and Collective Responsibility by Dr. Daniel Corbin

On Cyber Force Employment by Col Jamel Neville & Maj Joel Chapman

What Ifs by Capt Paul T. Riggs

On IEBA and an IE COP by Maj John Hoffner (Ret)

Aleutian Allure by Mr. Wayne A. Sinclair

Force Design 2030 and Intelligence by Col G. J. David


The Sino Myopia by Col Philip G. Wasielewski, USMCR (Ret) – republished from print, February 2023

The Future Fight by Capt Taylor D. Hershberger

Wasted Opportunity by Maj Joshua Burchfield

Recruit, Train, and Retain by Maj Olaolu N. Ogunyemi

Navigation Warfare Environment Situational Awareness by Mr. Paul C. Manz, Dr. Thomas J. Blenk Jr., Mr. James L. (Chip) Gibson & LtCol Brock A. Lennon

The Opportunity of a Generation by 1stLt D. Price Rowe



Unspoken Training and Education Questions by LtCol John E. Campbell

Functional Medicine for a Functional Force Part 2 by LtCol L. Terrell Watts

2023 Marine Corps Gazette Index


Who We Are and Where We Are Going by Maj Jonathan Schillo

Footnotes: Talent Management 2030 by LtCol Ryan W. Pallas


A Marine Reserve Intelligence Detachment by CWO2 William Caban, MSgt Lance Pew & Capt Patrick Mclaughlin

Maturing the Force Through a Multi-Prong Approach by Maj Devon P. Sanderfield

Blockchain and the Marine Corps, Part II: The argument for Installations and Logistics 2030 by ChatGPT

Blockchain and the Marine Corps, Part I by Capt Josiah R. Irwin III

Joint All-Domain Kill Webs by Maj Chris Pavlak

AI and International Order by Maj Ryan Ratcliffe


Remember by LtCol Chris Proudfoot (Ret)

Training the Intelligence Marine of 2030 by Col Seth E. Anderson


The Goldilocks Option by GySgt Derek W. Sharp


Sea Denial in the Desert by MajGen Austin Renforth

The Relationship Between Enlisted and Officers, Part 2: Developing the T-Shape culture by Capt Jeremy Carter & 1stSgt Thomas Ochoa

Improving the Enlisted Assignments Process by 1stSgt Daniel Best


A Hill Worth Climbing: The Congressional Fellowship Program by MSgt Justin Kronenberg

Rigorous Assessment Model? by Matthew C. Denney

Inter-Service Investment in the Future Force by LtCol William J. Patrick

Changing the Narrative by Col Aaron J. Brunk & LtCol Daniel E. Bowring

Revolutionizing Marine Corps Maintenance by Mr. Christopher Hegland & Mr. Cliff Hanchett

Transforming Marine Corps Systems Command through Digital Engineering by Mr. James Howell III & Mr. Kevin Brett

Rethinking Marine Corps Non-Kinetic Deterrence by LtCol Charles E. Anklam III & Maj Eric S. Hovey


Installations in Contested Environments by MajGen David Maxwell

Artificial Intelligence in the Marine Corps Logistics Enterprise: Part 3, Logistics operators in a data-driven world by LtCol Robert D. Wolfe II & Maj Matthew T. Barnes


Artificial Intelligence in the Marine Corps Logistics Enterprise: Part 2, It’s Not Pretty: AI in Marine Corps Logistics? by LtCol Robert D. Wolfe II & Maj Matthew T. Barnes

Putting Meat on the Bone by Maj Paul L. Stokes (Ret)


Artificial Intelligence in the Marine Corps Logistics Enterprise: Part 1, What is artificial intelligence and its components? by LtCol Robert D. Wolfe II & Maj Matthew T. Barnes

Robert E. Lee and Me by BG Ty Seidule (Ret), reviewed by LtCol Robert L. Walsh (Ret)


Offensive Cyberspace Operations by LtCol Arun Shankar


Great Talent Management by Maj Julia Weber & Maj Anne Boaden

Navigating through the Internet Cultural Terrain by Maj Christopher Jasperson

Marines at the Ballot Box by Maj Lucas Helms



A Campaign Approach to Deterrence by LtCol Jeff Brewer, Maj Kent Johnson & Maj Rob Boudreau

21st-Century Marine Corps Commandos by Capt Jeremey Carter


Off-The-Shelf PME by Capt Nicholas D. Patitsas

The Adverse Impact of Force Design 2030 and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations by Col Michael P. Marletto (Ret) & Col Stephen W. Baird (Ret)

The Dangers of Overselling Insufficient Fire Support in the Active Force by BGen Jerry C. McAbee (Ret), Col Stephen W. Baird (Ret) & Col Michael P. Marletto (Ret)

Analysis of the Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine by Col Rudibert Kilian, Brazilian Marine Corps (CFN) (Ret)

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act by Mr. Robert “Butch” Bracknell


Grasping for Operational Straws by Maj Andrew P. Kettner

Functional Reproductive Support for Tactical Athletes by Capt Sarah E. Salter-Green

Training in the DDIL Environment by Maj Spencer S. Waters

Hacking the Minds of Decision Makers by Capt Corey A. Ware

Rules of (Social) Engagement by Maj Richard W. Korges

The Information Combat Element by 1stLt Tianxing Hu

Chinese Communist Party Influence Operations by Maj Timothy A. Ornelas

Marine Corps Intelligence Activity and Service-Level Intelligence Support by Capt Lonnie W. Carraway & the Staff of Marine Corps Intelligence Activity


Five Articles by the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command, Capt Jason R. Tyx, Maj Phillip M. Tate, Mr. Jeremiah Marquez, and Mr. Tim P. Lynch respectively.

Better Citizens by Maj James M. Stephens

Leading at One of the Corps’ Hidden Excepted Commands by U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command

Marine-Corps-Reserve: The Choice for Non-Standard Missions by Maj Brad Miller

Moral Relativism and Modern Leader by Maj James M. Stephens

More than a ‘Moto Tat’ by Capt Ross W. Gilchriest

The Battle of Dai Do and Marine Corps Force Design 2030 by MajGen James Livingston (Ret) & Col Jay Vargas (Ret)


The Flawed Argument for Change by Gen Anthony C. Zinni (Ret)

An Operationalized Approach to Battalion Command by LtCol Arun Shankar


Raising the Bar by Maj Paul L. Stokes (Ret)

Creating an Innovative Culture by 1stLt Jon Schumann

“Wounded” Admin by LtCol Jose E. Almazan (Ret)

Fixed-wing Pilot Retention by Maj Jim Bernthal (Ret)

Building Resilient Leaders by Jason Boykin

Bridging the Gap by 1stLt David Laszcz

Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations reviewed by Maj Skip Crawley, USMCR(Ret)

How to Win Friends and Influence Shipbuilding by Maj Eric S. Hovey

Casualty Management Procedures by LtCol Nicole V. Bastian

What Comes After LPD 17 Flight II? by LtCol Noel Williams (Ret)

What Should We Call It? by LtCol John D. Kuntz, USMC (Ret)


Technical Data Management by Mr. Timothy Brimhall, Mr. Ed Robinson, Mr. John Estep & Mr. Greg Kellenberger

Data Bullets for the Warfighter by Maj Richard Witt

Item Unique Identification (IUID) by Mr. Brent Lancaster & Mr. Mike Hickman

The Marine Scout Sniper by the Marines of Weapons Training Battalion-Quantico

Stand-in Forces: A French Perspective by LTC Nicolas Poirot

A New Clime and Place by by Col J.D. Canty (Ret)

Water for Sheep by Maj Evan Nordstrom

Reconnaissance-Strike Tactics and Maneuver Warfare II by Maj B.A. Friedman

Reconnaissance-Strike Tactics and Maneuver Warfare III by Maj B.A. Friedman


Special Purpose MAGTF KIEV After Action Report by Marinus Sapiens

Reconnaissance-Strike Tactics and Maneuver Warfare I by Maj B.A. Friedman

How Can I Influence Retention? by MSgt Nicholas J. Greuel

Field Supply & Maintenance Analysis Office by Maj Alexander D. Irion, MSgt Aron J. Szekely, MSgt Garfield B. Hall & Mr. Michael R. Rigle


Reducing Randomness by Capt William McGee

Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations by Marinus

Operation THURSDAY by Capt Nolan Vihlen

Acquisitions by LtCol Matthew S. Allen

Solving the Class IX Riddle by Maj Jonathan B. Bong

3d Maintenance Battalion’s Ground Maintenance Technician Program by CWO4 Verdon A. Antoine

Logistics in the Littorals by Maj Nicholas R. Boivin

A Response to Maneuverist #19 by CTR Gary C. Lehmann & Maj Brian Kerg

Modernizing the Corps by Col Matthew Jones (Ret)


Ever Present-Enabling U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy Success by CDR Patrick L. German

Mr. John Berry Painted a Lasting Piece of Art by Col William Hughes (Ret)


Advancing Cyberspace Operations by Maj Tyler Bahn

The Feasibility of Russian Amphibious Operations against Ukraine by Col Philip G. Wasielewski, USMCR(Ret)



Talent Management for the 21st Century by LtCol Scott A. Humr

A Practitioners Approach to 21st Century Leadership by Col Eric L. Chase, USMCR(Ret) & Col Thomas C. Greenwood (Ret)


Observation Post: Parental Bridge by Capt Tomoni Owens

The Permanent Military Professor Program by Maj Michael Shuman

Quality Over Quantity by Capt Steven Arango, Capt R.J. Dulin & 1stLt John Gaston

Aviation Supply Support by Mark Polca, LtCol Ryan Finn, William Munson, Bob Love, Scott McAllister, Doug Blazer, David Fulk, Karen Klinger, Rob Kline, Mel Huryasar & Julie Castilho


Cyber Reconnaissance by Maj Allison Warwick & CWO2 Christopher DiPalma

The Seventh Warfighting Function by Capt Corey Klonowski


Hindsight Is 20/20 by Maj Neal T. Jones

.50 Cal Lightweight Ammunition by the Program Manager for Ammunition Team, Portfolio Manager Logistics Combat Element Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command

DPRI by Maj Nick Oltman

Marine Security Guard Detachment Commander by 1stSgt Daniel P. Best

Command Authority by LtCol Joseph E. Galvin

Marine Contracting Officers by LtCol Wynndee Young, Maj Kelly Williamson, Maj Jon Pynduss & Capt Pearl Winston


Charting a Path to Naval Integration by LtCol Robert L. Burton

Many Minds Any Weapon by Cpl Daniel Duffy

Decentralized Decision Making by Col Mark C. Boone

Putting Art Back in the Art of War by Capt Michael D. Minerva

Recruiting the Reserve Force by Maj Joseph Phippen

Recruiting in a COVID Environment by CWO5 Christopher Mayfield

With the New Breed by Capt Michael Maggitti

Where Does Prior Service Recruiting Fit? by CIV Steve Wittle

Drowning Out Success by LtCol Brian J. Wilson

Educating for Seapower by Dr. Mie Augier & Maj Sean F.X. Barrett

Recruiting-Focused Social Media by Maj Danny Sanchez, Jr.


Inspector-Instructor Duty by LtCol Thomas Przybelski

Career White Space by 1stLt Cooper Strand

Junior Enlisted PME by Capt Michael S. Goff & GySgt James K. Walls

It’s About Repetitions by Maj Christopher Huff

Competitive vs Compulsory PME by SgtMaj William Singleton, USMCR

How We Make Marines by Capt Nathan Berg

The Diplomatic Ask by Col Jonathan Haynes

Expeditionary Fast Transport Ship by Capt Robert Locker, Jr.

Thinking Beyond Dead Germans by Capt Zachary Schwartz

Read the Red Cell’s Playbook by 1stLt Bryson A. Curtin

Targeted MOS-Specific PME by Maj John Campbell

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion by LtGen David Ottignon & BGen Jason Woodworth

The Human Resource Development Process and Manpower Modernization by Staff, Manpower Plans, Programs and Budget Branch, Manpower Plans and Policy Division, M&RA

Sabotaging Ourselves by Capt Jonathan P. Schoepf, 1stLt Charles “Drew” Borinstein & 1stSgt Matthew G. King

Observation Post: Gear vs Skills by Capt Michael Hanson


Solution to TDG #1-19 by 1stLt John Taylor

Marine Rotational Force-India by 1stLt Tianxing Hu

Merit Reconsidered by Maj Daniel C. Walker

Ethics Training by LtCol Joel Leggett

The Future of Fires by Maj Daniel Mahoney

Educating to Compete by LtCol Nathan Fleischaker


China in the Asia-Pacific Cyber Domain by Maj Dylan Buck

“Katchi Kapshida!” by LtCol Matthew R. Crouch

The Reserve Cyber Force by LtCol Ben Leming, USMCR

Agincourt with Artillery by MAJ Daniel Mahoney


The Role 2 Light Maneuver Element by LCDR Benjamin Chi & ENS Duncan Carlton

Field Level of Maintenance in the Future Operating Environment by CWO4 John Doreus

Making Tactical-Level Logistics More Survivable by Capt Sean Ford

III MEF and Navy Logistics by LtCol Chris J. Nelson with Maj Dante A. Jones & Mr. Freddie Hatch

Cross-Functional Maintenance Teams by LCpls Jonah Lucas and Hannah Obst, SSgt Charles Hobart, Sgt Lori Landry, Capt Aaron Barlow & LtCol Kate Murray

Transformative Logistics Distribution by MGySgt Chris Anson & Thomas Heffern

I Want My Scalps by Capt Julia Quinn

The Perils of Limited War by LTC Jessica Farrell

Hybrid Warfare by Maj Valerie McGuire, USMC(Ret)

The Strategic Skills by Capt Samuel Rinaldo

Flip the Rank Pyramid by Col Mark Cancian

Low-Cost Unclassified Intelligence by GySgt Andrew Guthart

Reshaping the Marine Reserves by Col Mark Cancian

Recruiting the Reserve Force by Maj Joseph Phippen

Thinking Beyond Dead Germans by Capt Zachary Schwartz


MCA&F Vision & Mission Statements

Dropping Your Tools by LtCols G.P. Gordon & Aaron Lloyd

Humans Are More Important Than Hardware by Capt Bryan Claudio

A Letter from the 19th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

SMMC “THE “NEW” CORPS” by SMMC Troy E. Black


The Lessons of Agincourt by Maj Dan Mahoney

The Tea Boiled Over by Capt Lakyra Pharms


A Letter from the 19th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps




Operation MEDUSA reviewed by Maj Skip Crawley, USMCR (Ret)

The World’s Sole Remaining Superpower by MAJ Nikolas Folgert

Zero-Defects and the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act by Capt Jesse Moyles

Reexamining Distributed Operations by Capt Daniel McGurkin

How to Do Logistics In EABO by Capt Paul S. Panicacci

For Further Reading: The Last Platoon by Bing West


The LEEG by LtCol Paul B. Bock & Capt Maxwell Stewart


On Intelligence, Part II by Capt Christopher “Harold” Denzel

Caveat Learner by Capt Joshua Marano & Dr. Shawn McCann


Maneuvering in the Electromagnetic Spectrum Unveiled by Carl L. Nite

Commanding Operations in the Information Environment by LCDR Jessica Reed

The Pentomic Division by LtCol Thaddeus Drake, Jr.


“Kriegspiel!!!” by 1stLt Garrett Boyce

Marine Corps Maneuver Warfare by Marinus

Teaching Fieldcraft by Capt Zachary Schwartz

I Think We’ve Got It! by Col Michael D. Wyly, USMC(Ret)

MCDP 7 by Capt Ted Baumgardner

Observation Post: Leadership Lessons from A Message to Garcia by Capt James R.R. Van Eerden

Information by Majs Paul Keeley & Eric Harley

Making the MIG the Main Effort for Information Dominance by Capts Casey Littesy & John Parry

Fleet Fire Support Officer by Maj Kyle Lynch, USMCR

Operations in the Information Environment by LtCol C. Travis Reese, USMC(Ret)

Simplify the Solution by Anthony Devino

The Competition Continuum by LtCols Bradley N. Fultz & Aniema G. Utuk

The Marine Strike Regiment by Rich Hegmann


Fighting a Peer Adversary: Part II by LtCol Chris Niedziocha

Domain Expert Officers by Maj Aaron Viana & Capts Angel Maldonado, Renato Costa

Give them the Tools by Capts Kenneth Sullivan & Jeff Phaneuf

Force Design by LtCol J. Noel Williams (Ret)


Revisiting Wake by LtCol Roy M. Draa

On Target by Maj Jonathan Bush

Battle of Belleau Wood by Michael “Kiwi” Kelly, USMC(Ret)

Spiritual Fitness by Maj Andrew P. Kettner

Smash Bullies by Maj Gordon Emmanuel

Still First to Fight? by LtCol Frank G. Hoffman, USMCR(Ret)

Eight Pandemic Lessons for Small Unit Leaders by 1stLt Patrick Cirenza

Commandant’s Professional Reading List by Capt Olivia Garard

Slogans Won’t Save Us by Damien O’Connell

USAID/OFDA Engagement with DOD in HA/DR by LtCol Sergio Luna

Force Design

The Case for Change by Gen David H. Berger

A Letter From The Commandant

A Letter From The Commandant, General David H. Berger


Task Organizing the GCE by Capt Patrick S. Hassett

Fresh Whole Blood Transfusion by CDR Joseph G. Kotora, MC, USN

A New COC by 1stLts Timothy Coulter & Tyler Schecter, Capt Gene Harb & Maj Joshua White

The Meaning of Expeditionary by 1stLt Kirk Kostrzewski

Multi-Nodal Coast-to-Coast Mobility by Maj Rich Charest

Terrain/Area Denial by Capts James J. McGeady & Zack A. Pinkerton

Let’s Get Help from DAD by Maj Bryan A. Vaught, USMCR

Supporting the Division in the Next War by the Staffs of 2dMarDiv G-4 and CLR 2

Amphibious Cavalry by Maj Charles H. Richardson, IV

Maneuver Warfare by GySgts Neil D. McCoy, Adam D. DuVall, & Joshua L. Larson, & SSgt Luke T. Hudson

COVID-19 by LtCol Roy M. Draa

Looking Outward by 1stLt Steven J. Arango

The Commandant’s Guidance for the DOD Non-Lethal Weapons Program by Col Wendell B. Leimbach, Jr.

Who’s Got Game? by LtCol David C. Emmel


Simple Orders in Complex Warfare by Capts Alexander Irion & Robert Callison

Marines Will Not Have Blue Hair or Mohawks by Maj Shawn F. Carian

Marine Online by Sgt Brandon N. Collins

Setting Conditions to Solve Problems by Maj Andrew C. Eckert

The Age of Automation and Artificial Intelligence by Maj Karl Fisher

Into the Clouds by LtCol C. Neil Fitzpatrick, USMC(Ret)

Cloud Concerns by LtCol C. Neil Fitzpatrick, USMC(Ret)

Electrical Energy Overreliance by Capt Sharon Rollins

COMMSTRAT Maneuver in OIE by Capt Joshua W. Larson, Maj Joshua L. Smith & CWO3 Jared M. Padula

Cyber Small Arms by Capt Kurt D. Iversen, USAF

Gamification and Training the Technical Workforce by MGySgt Samuel Carter & MSgt Conor Mahoney

Systematic Information Management by Henry J. Costa

Duct Tape Leadership by Capt Devin D. Fultz

COMMSTRAT Is Operational by LtCol Chris Perrine

COMMSTRAT by LtCol Kelly Frushour

Communications Planning, Execution, and Assessment during STEEL KNIGHT-20 by LtCol Arun Shankar & CWO3 Emedin Rivera

07XX Information Activities Occupational Field by Maj Antony J. Andrious & Capt John Parry

We Are Enough by Capts Alexander Irion, Christopher Tilque, Mitchell Ryan, George Custodio, & Jordan Cunningham

Observation Post: Professionalize the Comm Officer Career Road Map by Majs Paul L. Stokes, USMC(Ret) & Jeffery H. Robichaux



Stealing a March by LtCol Chris “Junior” Cannon, USMCR

The Dough Dimension by GySgt Jeremy Kofsky

Tomorrow’s Maritime Prepositioning Force by Col Aaron A. Angell

The Hybrid Logistics Symposium by Cohort 7

Distributed Forward Presence by LtCol G.J. David

A Foundation of Innovation by Maj Austin M. Duncan

Tightening the Strategic-Technological OODA Loop by Maj Kelly Haycock

Innovate, Adapt, and Win by Maj Brian Hinrichs

Predictive Analytics by Maj Jacob P. Jones

The Race to Implement Artificial Intelligence by LtCol Andrew J. Konicki

Amphibious Air Command and Control by Capt Titus G. Lowell

Paying for Weight in Blood by Capt Courtney Thompson

General Mattis’ Letter to the Force by LCpl Dakota Finney

Marines in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by LtCol Thomas C. Linn USMC(Ret)

Helping Marines to “Stay Green” by Maj Brian A. Kerg

Merit Reconsidered by Maj Daniel C. Walker

The Crisis by Benjamin Jensen

Maneuverists for Agility by GySgt Brandon Smart, Maj Peter Thermos, Capts Aaron Barlow & Jon Margolick

Command and Control Considerations for EABO by Marc Riccio & Maj William Grimball

Forging the Center of Gravity by Maj Troy E. Mitchell


The War Academy by Capt Gene A. Harb

MV-22 Supply Chain Refinement by Maj Jacob P. Jones

ISR for the Human Domain by Thomas Adamo, Capt David Fisher & the IdOps Stakeholders Staff

The Application of Maneuver Toward Psychology by Matthew Brockman

Building Partner Capacity and Developing Leaders by Capt Corey R. Letts

Resilient, Efficient, and “Dumb” by Maj Daniel C. Walker

Back to the Future? by Col Gary Anderson, USMC(Ret)

A Ship the Marines Need by William L. Stearman

Warning to TECOM by Donald E. Vandergriff, TECOM G5

Can You Beat a Marine? by Damien O’Connell

Branding by 1stLt Davis Parker

The Personnel Exchange Program by Maj Troy E. Mitchell

The Influence of Coalition Amphibious Power by Maj Troy E. Mitchell



The Economics of Warfare by Capt Conor T. Bender

The Art of Expeditionary Warfare by Maj Jeffrey M. Brewer

Weaponize Skill for Sea Power by CAPT John Byington, USNR & Maj Aaron Burciaga, USMCR

Where is the NECC? by Capt Walker D. Mills

Learning for Seapower by Mie Augier & Maj Sean F.X. Barrett


The Battle of Isandlwana by Justin W. Williamson

The Strategic Folly and Moral Ambiguity of Limited War by MAJ William Hardwick, MOARNG

Maternity Dress Blues by LtCol Janine K. Garner, Maj Jessica J. Karlin, & Maj Ashlyn E. King, USMC(Ret)

The Force Enabler by Maj Andrew P. Kettner

The Sacred Scrolls by Maj Paul L. Stokes, USMC(Ret)

Call Sign Chaos reviewed by Maj Skip Crawley, USMCR(Ret)

Reinvigorating the Fleet Marine Force Architecture by Majs Jonathon Frerichs, Matthew Rohlfing, & CDR Brent Peterson, USN

Call Sign Chaos reviewed by Col. Eric L. Chase, USMCR (Ret)

The Changing Face of War by Capts Alexander Irion & Robert Callison

Leadership for Seapower by Mie Augier & Maj Sean Barrett

MCDP 7 by Williamson Murray

Winning Tomorrow’s Battles Today by MajGen David Furness

Nonlinearity and the Arc of Warfighting by George M. Gross

Winning Sea Control by Maj Brian Kerg, LtCol Nathan Dmochowski, LT Joseph Hanacek, USN


Chief Learning Officer by Mr. John Kroger

The United States Most Critical Vulnerability: Part 1 by GySgt Joshua E. Owen

Call Sign Chaos reviewed by Col Chris Woodbridge, USMC(Ret)

Feature Interview

Authentic Leadership by Col Chris Woodbridge, USMC(Ret)

Lessons on Leadership by Col Mary Reinwald, USMC(Ret)


Forecasting and Following Disaster by LtCol Ryan Christ

Enlisted Marine Intelligence Training by GySgt Ryan West & SSgt Benjamin Ferguson

Intelligence-Oriented Tactical Tasks by Capt Kevin L. Graving

Do We Believe What We Know? by LtCol David W. Pinion

Marine Corps Advisor Companies by Col David V. Ready, USMCR

Signature Management by Capt Ferguson Dale

Strengthening Marine Forces Reserve by LtCol Charles C. Larson III

We Know Who We Are, But… by Col J.J. Carroll, Jr., LtCol Michael Zimmerman & Maj Brett Swaim

Operation FROM THE SEA by Capt Daniel D. Phillips

Forward and Enduring by CWO4 James Jabinal & Col Valerie Jackson, USMCR


Land the Landing Force by Col Keil R. Gentry, USMC(Ret)

Lean and Mean by Maj Paul L. Stokes, USMC(Ret)

The 38th Commandant’s Planning Guidance

The 38th Commandant’s Intent

The Complete Commandant’s Planning Guidance


The Crucible of Leadership by Capt Roderick J. Singleton, Jr.

Marine Corps Leadership by CWO4 Timothy S. McWilliams, USMCR(Ret)

One Day, One Choice, One Leader by Maj Eric Navarro, USMCR

Airborne Command and Control by Capt Patrick Lauer

The Smart Power Integration Plan by Capt Brent Jurmu


Breeding a Bias for Action by 1stLt Mackenzie Gage

Operation POSTERN and the Capture of Lae by Col Scott Erdelatz, USMC (Ret)

Facing the “What Now?” Moment by Damien O’Connell

Changing the Current Attitude by GySgt Esther B. Wade

Words Have Meaning by LtCol Winston S. Tierney


The Future FOB by 2ndLt Jon Asheim

Forging Fuel by Connie Braesch

Beans, Bullets, Band-Aids…and Bytes? by Capt Olivia A. Garard & Maj Craig M. Schnappinger

Air Intelligence Is a MAGTF Critical Enabler by Col Michael Lindemann

Logistics in the Contact Layer by Capt Dylan F. Metzler


The Critical Link by Maj Paul L. Stokes, USMC(Ret)

Marine Air Command and Control System by Capt Daniel Tadross

Tactical Cyberspace Warfare by Maj Byron Owen

A Warrior’s Mind by MajGen W.F. Mullen III


EABO by LCDR Charles “Sunny” C. Sonntag

Utilization of the MWSS by Capt Kristina Warren

Armor for the Infantry by 1stLt Corey Blankenship, USMCR

Nutritional Fitness in the United States Marine Corps by Sharlene Holladay & LtCol Gary Spinelli

Future Logistics Challenges (COA Dev) by LtCol Foster C. Ferguson, Maj Zachary J. Pagan, & Maj Zachary N. Embers


Microdosing by Maj Emre Albayrak

Not Yet Openly at War, But Still Mostly at Peace by LtCol Scott Cuomo, Capt Olivia Garard, Maj Jeff Cummings, & LtCol Noah Spataro

Innovation and Creativity by The Brute Krulak Center

The HIMARS-UGV by Capt M. P. Magyar

Navigating Without GPS by Capt James Cole, USAF

Marine Jedi and Artificial Intelligence by Capt Matthew S. Hanks

Supporting Affiliated Organizations by Robert D. Hogue



21st Century Combined Arms by Col Brian P. Duplessis

Off the X by Majs Paul Keeley, Eric Harley, & Joshua Mills

NSFS in a Contested Environment by LtCol Jon M. O’Gorman


Melding Mechanized Assets and sUAS by Capt Spencer S. Waters

Effective Training for Intelligence Specialists by 1stLt Ben M. Kallas

The EAS Marine by Capt Yosef E. Adiputra

Scholarship in Practice by Capt William D. Steeves, Jr., USMC(Ret)

Suicide Prevention and the Marine Corps DSO by Col Stephen C. Newman, USMC(Ret)


The Lessons of Mogadishu, Part II by Majs Joseph Montagna, USMC, & Lexi Plunkett, USAF


Lessons From Mogadishu, Part I by Maj Joseph Montagna



Is the Marine Corps Ready to Become an Exponential Organization? by the Staff, Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory


Building Spiritual Awareness, Fitness, and Resiliency by LCDR Diana A. Lantz, Chaplain, USN

The Beauty of Risk by LtCol Gregory A. Thiele


Increasing Seabasing by Maj Robert Barber, USMC(Ret) & MAJ Christopher Wolfe, USA(Ret)

The Future of Marine Corps Logistics by LTC Barbara Haines, USA(Ret) & LtCol James A. Jones, USMC(Ret)

Reinforcing the Castle by Capt Cameron M. Allen & 1stLts Timothy A. Denning & Sean M. Guthrie

Physical Network Analysis by Maj William P. Sumption

In God We Trust, All Others Use Data by CWO4 Robert J. Toole

A Cold Weather LCE by Maj Mark Wlaschin

Bringing the War to Their Neighborhood by Capt Timothy M. Bagnell, USAF

Putting the First Team on the Field by Gil Barndollar & R. Sam Long

Ancient Wars of the 21st Century by LtCol Michael D. Reilly


Shaping the Future of ISR by Maj Troy E. Mitchell

Intel Reachback and the Emperor’s New Clothes by Maj Nicholas R. Nappi

Human Geography by Courtney D.B. Blackburn

The Red, Squiggly Line by Staff, MARDET Dam Neck, Marine Corps Intelligence Schools


Reverse Logistics by Capt Gregory Williams


SEA DRAGON 2025 by NCOs, SNCOs, and Officers, 3d Bn, 5th Marines


21st Century Reconnaissance by The Ellis Group

Light Infantry Problems and Bicycle-borne Solutions by Maj John E. Kivelin & 1stLt Cameron Jones

Innovation, Status Quo, or Relative Regression? by MAJ Adam K. Greene, U.S. Army

Robotics in Infantry Battalions by Maj Ted W. Schroeder

The Warfighter by LtCol J.J. Mullen

Decision Time by GySgt Paul Nichols, USMC(Ret)


Discipline by LtCol Aaron C. Lloyd

The Reality of Perception by Capt Benjamin A. Skarzynski

Outfitting for the Fight Ahead by 2ndLt William S.L. Murphy

Strengthening Garrison Decision-Making Ability by LtCol Aaron A. Angell

BIG “T”/Little “t” by Maj Christian C. Pappas & Charles M. Olmsted

What’s Right, and How Do You Decide? by 2ndLt John T. Bayko



IMLOC’s Effective Example by MSgt Freddy A. Armijo

Thoughts on the Warrior Scholar by 1stLt Charles Lee

A Force Multiplier by 1stLt James Skeffington, USMCR

The Last Three Yards by Kyle Nelson


Understanding the Millennial Mindset by LT Michael Anderson, CHC, USN

Generational Differences in the Military by LT Gregory Hazlett, CHC, USN

Benghazi Consulate Attack by Mike Bailey & Capt Dan Yurkovich

FAST Capabilities, Challenges, and the Way Ahead by Maj Gary L. Cobb


Marine Aviation Readiness by LtCol Kevin F. Murray


Leadership in Depth by 1stLt YiCheng S. Garrard

Leadership by CWO2 William Hanna


Martial Art by 1stLt Andrew E. Petrevics

Geospatial Intelligence at the Infantry Regiment by Capt Andrew Rozic


December 1919: A Brief History of the Fourth Brigade of Marines by Maj Edwin N. McClellan, U.S. Marine Corps Officer-in-Charge, Historical Division, Marine Corps

May 1935: Our Experiences in Santo Domingo II: Diplomatic Spurs by Lieutenant Colonel Charles J. Miller, U.S. Marine Corps

August 1935: Our Experiences in Santo Domingo III: Diplomatic Spurs by Lieutenant Colonel Charles J. Miller, U.S. Marine Corps

April 1950: Small Wars——Vanishing Art? by LtCol Robert D. Heinl, Jr.

May 1957: FMF Organization and Composition Board Report II: Aviation

June 1957: FMF Organization and Composition Board Report III: Fire Support

July 1957: FMF Organization and Composition Board Report IV: Service Elements

March 1981: Job Satisfaction and Motivation by BGen R.H. Barrow

December 1981: Take care of ’em by Base Plate McGurk

November 1986: A Soldier’s Dilemma by LtGen Victor H. Krulak, USMC(Ret)

November 1991: The Marine Corps 20 Years Hence by Michael Vlahos

June 2002: The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s Seizure of Camp Rhino by Capt Jay M. Holtermann


Long-Range Extended Duration Operations by LtCol Christopher Carolan, USMC(Ret)

The Future of Marine Corps Observer Training by Frank Furman, Peter Squire, & Pete Muller

The Defense Innovation Initiative by LtCol John T. Gutierrez

Innovation of Non-Lethal Weapons by Wesley A. Burgei & Dr. Shannon E. Foley

Manned/Unmanned Teaming to Transform the MAGTF by LtCols Kevin Murray & Che Bolden & Majs Scott Cuomo & James Foley

The Marine Security Guard Program by LtCol Frank A. Chawk, III

Space Operations for the Warfighter by Majs Joseph Horvath & Angela Hatch


Requiem for a System by MGySgt Thomas J. Campbell, USMC(Ret)