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Here's a useful resource to help you plan all promotions and other ceremonies in your Marine Corps career.

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MCA&F appreciates the service of all Veterans and has the information you need for life after the Corps.

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Whether you are reuniting with boot camp buddies or hosting a Division level reunion, MCA&F has the information you need for your event.

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  • Corporals Course

    "I am the backbone of the United States Marine Corps. I am the Marine noncommissioned officer,” recited more than 100 Marines during their Corporals Course graduation ceremony aboard amphibious assault ship USS...

  • Enders Galley

    The character of war is changing faster than a stagnant U.S. defense bureaucracy can adapt. New concepts and capabilities associated with operations in the information environment necessitate military...

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Marine Corps History

Today in History

April 25


Khe Sanh , South Vietnam, “Hill Fights” of 1967. 3d Battalion, 3d Marines followed by 2/3 fought entrenched NVA on Hill 861, finally taking the hill three days later. Fighting continued through early May on Hill 881 as the 26th Marines came in to relieve 3d Marines.

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This Month in History

29 Apr 1862: A Battalion of Marines, numbering approximately 250, under the command of Captain John L. Broome, disembarked and took possession of New Orleans facilities.