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Jul 31, 2015

MCA&F Education Programs Make Marines Smarter, Better Prepared

In the past year, Marines have walked the battlefields of Belleau Wood and Gettysburg … stood on the landing beaches of Iwo Jima and Normandy …...
Sep 21, 2015

Gen Paxton: MCA&F Lets Individual Marines Know How Important Their Work Is

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Jun 6, 2015

Planned Giving

  • The PME Order

    Marine Corps Order (MCO) 1553.4B (MCO 1553.4B), Professional Military Education, (Washington, DC: HQMC, 25 January 2008), states that commands must

    Establish a Command Professional...


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Marine Corps History

Today in History

October 6


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

Japanese forces in North China surrendered to III Amphibious Corps.



This Month in History

The Beirut Bombing

The men who served with 24th MAU during the final, grim months of 1983, have taken their place alongside earlier Marines who endured at Samar, Wake Island, Chosin Reservoir, and...