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Attitude and Spirit

By: Kyle Watts

Marine Reconnaissance Veterans Combine Efforts to Inspire the Next Generation Aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., one training company is tasked with produc­ing a...


"Six Days in Fallujah" Review

By: William Treuting

Opinion: Long-Delayed Video Game Delivers Realistic Depiction of Iraq Battle War has forever been entwined with popular culture. Artists have attempted to replicate, with great...


A Battle Long Forgotten

By: Maj Richard A. “Rick” Stewart, USMC (Ret)

A Battle Long Forgotten: Marines Fought Valiantly to Protect Guam During 1941 Japanese Invasion As the Marine Corps has shifted its focus toward forward deployed...


Surviving Tarawa: Veteran Reflects on 80th Anniversary Of Operation Galvanic

By: Patrick Reed

  In November 1943, 21-year-old Private First Class Lupe Gasca waded slowly through chest-deep water, toward the small strip of coral clouded by dark gray...


Keeping the Heritage Alive: Museum Docent Shares His Experience With New Sergeants

By: Kyle Watts

Noncommissioned officers (NCOs) perform one of the most critical functions of the Marine Corps. They serve as the first line of leadership in every small...


The All Saints’ Day Massacre

By: Geoffrey W. Roecker

A sharp fight for a nameless ridge and a ravine led to a bloody sacrifice for the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. October 1942 was a...


U.S. Marines, Cuba, and the Invasion that Never Was: Part 2

A row of MAG 26 A-4 Skyhawks line up at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Multiple aerial surveillance missions were conducted...


The Impact: Marines Reflect on Beirut Bombing After 40 Years

The 24th Marine Amphibious Unit (MAU) landed in Beirut, Lebanon, on May 29, 1983. The Marines came ashore with mixed feelings. They were the fourth...


The Healing of a Marine

By: Col Patty Klop, USMCR

Editor’s note: We are publishing Col Patty Klop’s story to reinforce the importance of speaking openly about PTSD and other mental health issues and to...


U.S. Marines, Cuba, and the Invasion that Never Was: Part 1

By: Dr. Edward T. Nevgloski, Ph.D.

On Oct. 14, 1962, photographic evi­dence produced by an American U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft revealed the construction of Soviet medium-range nuclear ballistic missile sites in...


HOLDING THE LINE: Marines Confront Abbey Gate Memories Two Years Later

By: Kyle Watts

By Kyle Watts The U.S. Air Force C-17 began its final descent in preparation for landing. Corporal Von Straight sat packed in among the 25...


Terry Salman: American Marine and Canadian Philanthropist

By: Col Mary H. Reinwald, USMC (Ret)

Most Marines know that the fabric of our Corps is woven from throughout the nation. Marines join from every state and even from foreign countries,...

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