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A Leader Larger Than Life

By: 1stLt Aaron Ellis, USMC

Executive Editor’s note: The following article received first place in the 2024 Leatherneck Magazine Writing Contest. The award is provided through an endowment by the...


Putting History Back Together: Telling the Story of a Marine Helicopter Squadron Through a Rebuilt Huey

By: Nancy S. Lichtman

After his second tour in Vietnam, Sergeant Rick Ault returned to the United States on a flight that landed in San Francisco. The soldiers and...


The Battle for Najaf, Part 1: Assaulting the "Valley of Peace"

By: Kyle Watts

Author’s note: This month marks the 20th anniversary of the battle in Najaf, Iraq, fought by the warriors of Battalion Landing Team (BLT) 1st Battalion,...


Night Battle on Tinian: Marines Engage With Enemy Tanks

By: Steven D. McCloud

Executive Editor’s note: This article is based on interviews and research done for the author’s book “Black Dragon: The Experience of a Marine Rifle Company...


From Bellhop to Leatherneck: “8th and I” Marine Witness to Turbulent Time in U.S. History

By: Kipp Hanley

In 1961, in the sleepy town of Marshalls Creek, Pa., everybody knew the Huffmans. Unfortunately for Joel Huffman, the town was also familiar with his...


Remember What You Represent: The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon

By: Kyle Watts

A highly selective and unique niche fills the ranks of the Marine Corps’ Silent Drill Platoon. Throughout the unit’s history, the platoon has proven unparalleled...


Her Story: Military Women's Memorial Invites Servicewomen to Take Their "Rightful and Visible" Place

By: Sara W. Bock

Editor's note: This article was re-published in honor of Women Veterans Appreciation Day on June 12. It was originally published in the August 2022 issue...


VMFT-401: The Corps' Adversary Squadron

By: Patrick Reed

At first glance, with their dis­similar camouflage and a red star on the tail, the F-5 Tigers on the flight­line don’t appear to be American...


Tank Attack on Saipan!

By: MSgt Jeff Dacus, USMCR (Ret)

By June 15, 1944, the Central Pacific drive of the United States had inexorably pushed the Japanese back toward their homeland. Throughout the methodical island-hopping...


Return With the Elixir: The Psychology of Pilgrimages to the "Devil Dog" Fountain

By: Heather A. Warfield, Ph.D.

A shuttle van rolled to a stop across the street from the Belleau Town Hall. Out of the side door emerged an elderly gentleman, hunched...


Battle Scars

By: Chip Reid

Executive Editor’s note: In 2003, NBC News journalist Chip Reid embedded with 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines during the opening days of OIF. He spent six...


Safeguarding the Airspace: Marine Air Traffic Controllers' Critical Role in Marine Aviation

By: Kyle Watts

Marine Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) represent a small slice of the active-duty component. Less than 1,000 of these Marines exist in the service today, with...

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