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Safeguarding the Airspace: Marine Air Traffic Controllers' Critical Role in Marine Aviation

By: Kyle Watts

Marine Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) represent a small slice of the active-duty component. Less than 1,000 of these Marines exist in the service today, with...


Plane to See: The Evolution of Marine Corps Aircraft Art and the Artist Keeping the Tradition Alive

By: Briesa Koch

As a tradition, aircraft art in the Armed Forces has been en­cour­aged by some branches while being heavily regulated in others. And though there is...


History of the Marine Gunner: Unearthing the Roots of This Misunderstood Distinction

By: Ed Nevgloski

Executive Editor’s note: This article explores the origins and inception of the Marine gunner and is the cornerstone of an upcoming series in Leatherneck tracing...


The Life of Lauchheimer: The Man Behind the Corps' Top Shooting Trophy

By: Col Dwight H. Sullivan

This month, the Marine Corps’ top shooters will gather at Marine Corps Base Quantico to compete for the Lauchheimer Trophy—the award for the highest aggregate...


A Shared Hardball History: Pre-World War II Marines, Japanese Were Friendly Foes on the Diamond

By: Kater Miller

In August of 2021, the Japanese na­tional baseball team won the gold medal in the Olympic Games. They defeated the United States 2-0 at Yoko­hama...


Protecting the Way: Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Carlos A. Ruiz: A Committed, Engaged Leader of Marines

By: Kyle Watts

On Nov. 29, 2023, I had the oppor­tunity to interview Sergeant Major Carlos A. Ruiz, the re­cently appointed 20th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps,...


Lejeune: A Leader Ahead of His Time

By: Maj Skip Crawley, USMCR (Ret)

Ask any Marine who among the pantheon of notable and illustrious Marines between World War I and World War II were most responsible for the...


A Furious Fight: An Artillery Marine's Account of the Assault on Iwo Jima

By: Andrew Biggio

Editor’s note: The following story is an excerpt from the book “The Rifle 2: Back to the Battlefield” by Andrew Biggio. When Biggio returned from...


Showing Her Mettle: Olympic Hopeful Goes Full Speed as Marine, Bobsledder

By: Kipp Hanley

By the time Captain Riley Tejcek was 7 years old, her father, John, knew he was raising a tough kid. Tejcek sported a Power Rangers...


Creating Leaders and Leathernecks: Young Marines Program Focuses on Community Service, Citizenship

By: Abra Hogarth

The philosophy of the Young Ma­rines still resonates with today’s youth—64 years after the organization’s inception. In the last decade-plus, numerous Young Marines have gone...


Trapped: Marine Tankers Come to the Rescue on Iwo Jima

By: Jonathan Bernstein

The moment the bow doors opened, and the ramp dropped on LSM-44, Company C’s tanks from the 5th Tank Battalion were on the move into...


Enemy in the Wire: The Fight for Survival on LZ Russell

By: Kyle Watts

Dusk settled over the hilltop on Feb. 24, 1969. Lance Corporal Patrick “Mac” McWilliams examined the Marines assigned to him for listening post (LP) duty....

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