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10th Marines

By: Officers of 10th Marines

Artillery modernization and support to the 2d MarDiv The release of Force Design 2030 has precipitated significant changes in the structure of 10th Mar. The...


A Culture of Innovation Drives Acceleration!

By: Mr. Stephen J. Bowdren

Rapid response to Corps’ modernization efforts Innovation—the discovery of new ideas, methods, or technologies—is a necessary but insufficient condition to achieve the dominant warfighting capability...


Project EAGLE

By: LtCol Gavin “Toto” Robillard

Reorienting Marine Aviation’s Lift Vector toward 2040 Societal divisions, state tensions, and contested international norms are setting conditions for a volatile and potentially dangerous future....


Warfighting Through Data-Centricity

By: Maj Michael Kennedy

Outmaneuvering through Information Information is a critical element of all military operations. This should not surprise us as our observe, orient, decide, and act (OODA)...


Information in Marine Corps Operations

By: LtCol Joseph Uchytil (Ret)

Information and the changing character of warfare >Mr. Uchytil is currently a defense contractor for Troika Solutions and provides support to the Information Plans and...


Fighting Smart

By: LtGen Matthew G. Glavy & Mr. Eric X. Schaner

Information in 21st-century competition, deterrence, and warfare >LtGen Glavy is the Deputy Commandant, Information. >>Mr. Schaner is a retired Intelligence Officer currently serving as the...


The Role of Logistics in Deterrence

By: LtCol Marcus Gillett

Facing a peer competitor >LtCol Gillett is Combat Engineer Officer who is currently assigned to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a CMC Fellow. He...


Leveraging Logistics above the MAGTF

By: Col Aaron Angell & Mr. Mark Schouten

The Joint Logistics Enterprise >Col Angell is a Logistics Officer currently assigned as the Director, Logistics Combat Element Division within Headquarters Marine Corps, Combat Development...


Barracks 2030

By: MajGen David W. Maxwell & Maj Nicholas Boivin

Improving quality of life through management, modernization, and material >MajGen Maxwell is the CG of Marine Corps Installations Command. >>Maj Boivin is the Legislative Aide...


Who We Are and Where We Are Going

By: Maj Jonathan Schillo

United States Marines: America’s Expeditionary Commandos >Maj Schillo is qualified in multiple military occupational specialties, to include Expeditionary Ground Reconnaissance Officer. He has deployed to...


Technology and the Nature of War

By: Col Thomas C. Greenwood (Ret) & Mr. Patrick J. Savage

Four vignettes >Col Greenwood is a Research Staff Member at the Institute for Defense Analyses. He was an Infantryman who commanded the 15th MEU (Special...


Military Force Design in an Age of Accelerating Technologic Change

By: LtCol Noel Williams (Ret)

Modernization in the Marine Corps >LtCol Williams is a Technical Fellow at Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc and provides strategy and policy support to Headquarters...

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