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Letter from the Deputy Commandant for I&LLtGen Charles ChiarottiGazette March 2021
Transforming the Maritime Prepositioning Forcethe Officers of HQMC PP&O & I&LGazette March 2021How to change while staying the same
Sustaining the Force in the 21st Century Lines of EffortLtCol Christopher Gilmore, Mr. James Jones, Ms. Jillian McCain & Ms. Meloney WallaceGazette March 2021Enable global logistics awareness and diversify distribution
Theater Logistics SeminarsMaj Antonio CilloGazette March 2021A nice-to-have or mandatory for operational success?
The Changing Character of LogisticsMaj Karl EisenmannGazette March 2021Formless logistics
Logistics Training & EducationLtCol Matthew Bain, Mr. Brian Chase, Mr. Thomas Keating, Mr. Jonathan Rabert, Mr. Nathan Taylor, & Mr. Antonio Velasquez IIGazette March 2021Modernization and atrategic integration
UASCol Brian MulleryGazette March 2021Increase lethality through logistics
One Team, One FightMr. Joseph BishopGazette March 2021Civilian logisticians in the 21st century
Rail Assured MovementLtCol James StoverGazette March 2021The gap in force deployment strategic mobility
Joint Force Maritime LogisticsMaj George AubinGazette March 2021Understanding the JFMCC’s command logistics structure
Multifunctional LogisticianMaj Karl EisenmannGazette March 2021A new MOS construct
Technical Data Management-CatalystMr. Eric Bower, Mr. John Este, & LtCol Douglas PughGazette March 2021A look into the future of Marine Corps IT development and procurement
21st Century ForagingMaj Peter Thermos & Capt Angel MaldonadoGazette March 2021Are we ready?
Explore the “Value Chain”BGen William Bowers & Col Thomas WoodGazette March 2021Sustaining our competitive advantage in the Western Pacific
Logistics ObservationsBGen Kevin StewartGazette March 2021Lessons from the Commander of 2d MLG
Logistics Intelligence Teams1stLt Michael DonovanGazette March 2021Fight tonight intelligence for the LCE
How to Do Logistics in EABOCapt Paul PanicacciGazette March 2021It’s a MAGTF, not a MAGLTF
Changing TidesCapt Sean AlexanderGazette March 2021The refinement of health services support in the Marine Logistics Group
Letter from the Deputy Commandant for I&LLtGen Charles ChiarottiGazette March 2020
Future Logistics and the Art of the PossibleHQMC, I&L Futures BranchGazette March 2020Supporting naval expeditionary capabilities
Greater Naval Integration through LogisticsLtCol Roy Truba, Jr., USMC(Ret), CDR Christopher Kading, USN & LtCol Randy HOdge, USMC(Ret)Gazette March 2020Bring Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard Logistics together
Passive Radio Frequency IdentificationMaj Christopher Gilmore, Antoine Bailey, James Jones, Dominique Rhines, Jeffrey Booth, Christopher Cox, Jillian McCain & Meloney WallaceGazette March 2020Enhanced expeditionary logistics, answering the call to modernize for tomorrow’s fight
Pulling Water Out of Thin AirCWO4 Sean FloresGazette March 2020Diversify distribution, improve sustainment
On Target and On TimeMaj Michael Whitaker & Capt Elle EkmanGazette March 2020Global logistics awareness through conditions based maintenance +
Moving Military Operations ForwardMSgt Patrick GrabowskiGazette March 2020The railroad is as critical today as it was in the “days of old”
Optimize InstallationsCapt Brandon Barnes, John Holloway, Susan Cohen & Col William TruaxGazette March 2020Our need to support sustained operations
Fuel DistributionLtCol Brad KlusmannGazette March 2020Today’s plan to use yesterday’s technology tomorrow
Admiring the Bulk Fuel ProblemCWO4 Robert LeeGazette March 2020Providing fuel and energy sustainment
DLA National Account ManagersDianne RyderGazette March 2020Building trust while connecting the Corps
Letter from the Deputy Commandant for I&LLtGen Charles ChiarottiGazette March 2019
An Operational Concept for Future Logistics DevelopmentHQMC I&L Vision and Strategy BranchGazette March 2019The call to modernize
You Need Clean DataMaj Amber ColemanGazette March 2019Higher data quality standards are needed to improve Marine Corps decision making
A Data-Driven OrganizationMaj Scott HumrGazette March 2019Developing data and information competency
Data-Driven LogisticsLtCol Kirk Spangenberg, Majs Gregory Lucas, Stan Bednar, Jason Fincher, Leo Spaeder, & CWO3 Miguel BeltreGazette March 2019Transforming logistics from exploitable vulnerability to lethal competitive advantage
The A-RatingMaj Amber ColemanGazette March 2019Improved data from depot to unit
Innovation in LogisticsCapt Michael BlankenbekerGazette March 2019Simulation is more than a training tool
USMC Prepositioning ProgramsCol Andrew BergenGazette March 2019Our go-to-war equipment and supplies
Organizational MaintenanceLtCol Dana DemerGazette March 2019Cracking the nut on systemic readiness issues
Flattened LogisticsMaj Leo SpaederGazette March 2019The future of Marine Corps logistics and the company landing team
Optimized Energy StorageCapt David Chester, USMC; LtCol Torrey Wagner, USAF; Douglas DudisGazette March 2019Thirty-six percent reduction in FOB generator fuel use
Industry InnovationMaj Reginald Thomas & Capt Anthony ShearerGazette March 2019A new fellowship program
LCE as Rear Area CommandMajs Katharine Carlson, Joshua Edwards, Col James Hensien & BGen Stephen SklenkaGazette March 20191st MLG embraces the RACOM mission
Installation—neXtCol A. Che BoldenGazette March 2019Learning from the Trojans
Supporting Our WarfightersErica RohrGazette March 2019Marine Corps Installation Command’s efforts to reduce encroachment
The Mission Criticality of Energy ResilienceRandy J. MonohanGazette March 2019Enhancing survivability and recovery for installations