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A Message from the Commander, MCSCBGen A.J. PasagianGazette August 2021
A Message from the Sergeant Major, MCSCSgtMaj Mike Cato, Sr.Gazette August 2021
Delivering Force Design 2030LtCol Alex Ramthun & Maj David ZygaGazette August 2021The MAGTF unmanned aerial system expeditionary (MUX) program
Operational Testing MattersMr. Paul Johnson & Col Donald B. McDanielGazette August 2021Ensuring the equipment is ready for the mission
Artificial Intelligence in the Automatic Test EnvironmentAutomatic Test Systems Team, Portfolio Manager Logistics, Combat Element Systems, Marine Corps Systems CmdGazette August 2021AI enabled solutions for the Marine
The Ultra-Light Tactical VehicleMaj Cesar LopezGazette August 2021How working with industry and the FMF can result in a Swiss Army knife for future lethality
Redefining Installations for Future SuccessLtCol John E. YoungGazette August 2021Making installations a force multiplier in an ever-changing threat environment
Bits, Bandwidth, and BackscatteringLtCol Matt Beck & Col Tim HoughGazette August 2021The new beans, bullets, and band-aids
Data SurvivabilityCIV Michael R. CirilloGazette August 2021Solutions for long-term data retention
The Future Warrior Has ArrivedLtCol Marcus ReynoldsGazette August 2021Taking war fighting to the next level with mixes reality systems
Automation of Wargaming CapabilitiesMr. Luis E. VelazquezGazette August 2021MCSC and MCWL enhance COTS wargame tools
A Message from the CG, MCSCBGen A.J. PasagianGazette August 2020
A Letter from the SgtMaj, MCSCSgtMaj Robin FortnerGazette August 2020
Operating at the Speed of RelevanceCol Kirk D. Mullins, Maj Michael Skalicky, Neal JonesGazette August 2020Optimizing relationships and connections between Defense acquisition and the FMF
Rapid, Smart, and Flexible AcquisitionCol Robert BaileyGazette August 2020Looking ahead to the Marine Corps Force 2030
GCE EquipmentMaj Justin D. DavisGazette August 2020What the future holds for 2030
Embracing People, Products, and FailureLtCol A. Jack Ramthun & Mr. Jonathan SidesGazette August 2020Establishing an innovation culture across the Navy and Marine Corps acquisition community using industry benchmarks
On Naval IntegrationCapt Jacob Campbell, Manny Adams, Maj Jose GonzalezGazette August 2020Exploring the opportunities and risks associated with implementing the Commandant’s Planning Guidance
MERICA SystemMr. Michael J. Poe & Capt Anthony S. MolnarGazette August 2020Enhancing the mobility and lethality of the MLR
If at First, You Don’t Succeed, Train, Train AgainCol Luis F. Lara & LtCol Richard J. CushingGazette August 2020Improving the process
The Warfighter Support CenterCapt Adrian FelderGazette August 2020Tactical support at the speed of the FMF
Improving Patient OutcomesMr. John C. PhilpottGazette August 2020Surviving in a contested and distributed operations environment
With the New BreedLtCol Jay Zarra & LtCol A. Jack RamthunGazette August 2020Transforming the 8059 Aviation Acquisition Officer Corps to best support Force Design 2030
First Names, Sticky Notes, and FunMaj Ryan KellerGazette August 2020A faster way to make better requirements
Prototyping for DisruptionMaj Andrew MawdsleyGazette August 2020An explanation from the Defense Innovation Unit
A New RealityMr. Pete Ward & Mr. Peyton CavarocGazette August 2020How the Marine Corps can leverage technologies like mixed reality to meet future training, sustainment, and operational requirements
Non-Lethal Weapons?Col Wendell B. LeimbachGazette August 2019Will Marines ever use this capability?
Every Marine an Acquisition MarineLtCol Shawn MillerGazette August 2019Three things every Marine and Sailor can do to improve the Marine Corps’ acquisition process
Getting Comfortable with Being UncomfortableLtCol A. Jack Ramthun & Mr. Jonathan SidesGazette August 2019Best practices for increasing agility and speed within Navy and Marine Corps acquisition programs
Protecting the Marine Corps’ Technological AdvantageMr. Mark Billow, et al.Gazette August 2019A continuously critical process
Acquisition Agility Begins with Resource AvailabilityCol Robert O. BaileyGazette August 2019How the Marine Corps’ programs and budgets for capability investments impact lethality and readiness, and stifle innovation and modernization responsiveness
Agile in Government: MCRISS IIMr. Jason W. GlavichGazette August 2019The user is the most important part of the system
Meet the Amphibious Vehicle Test BranchMaj Justin D. DavisGazette August 2019The services this team provides
International Programs OfficeMs. Stacy N. MarshallGazette August 2019Marines through security cooperation
A Message from the Commander, MCSCBGen A.J. PasagianGazette August 2018
Acquisitions Speak for the WarfighterCol Wendell B. Leimbach Jr.Gazette August 2018This is what we are talking about
The Fuel Efficient MTVRTrung Huynh, Ulysses Morton, Giang Pham, Anita Tate, Edward WrightGazette August 2018Paving the path to a more field efficient fleet of vehicles through technology
WargamingLuis E. VelazquezGazette August 2018Breaking the paradigm and LVC
The Curse of Complexity and ConcurrencyLtCol A. Jack RamthunGazette August 2018The F-35 Join Strike Fighter program and lessons learned for future major Marine Corps acquisitions programs
Help Wanted, Experience NeededGySgt David ZubowskiGazette August 2018Lessons learned from a Huey crew chief behind a desk in a program management office
Rapid Cyber AcquisitionsAlan StocksGazette August 2018Marine Corps Systems Command stakeholders in action
The Battlefield Battery BurdenEric J. SouthGazette August 2018Sustaining an ever-changing requirement
Getting Logistics Data RightSteven A. Pawlow & Kevin J. KellyGazette August 2018Whose job is it? Strategic corporals are wanted in logistics
Fostering InnovationSabrina PatelGazette August 2018Utilizing additive manufacturing to support the MAGTF