Scuttlebutt Ep 97: When You’re the Old Guy in the Room with Kacy Tellessen

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. This week we welcome veteran Marine machine gunner, Marine Corps Heritage award winner, recent law school graduate, and current Bar exam hostage Kacy Tellessen back to the show. This week starts a little different than our previous episodes because the pre-show recording with Kacy was so fun we decided we needed to keep it. So we’ve cut an actual intro – which we recorded later – onto the beginning since the interview kind of picks up in medias res. Kacy takes us on an exploration of some of his experiences at law school, being selected to give the commencement speech, and how oftentimes, mental health begins with accepting that it is going to take work. Like Kacy says in the interview, “the word for life is perseverance.” For as much fun as we had and for as hilarious Kacy is, his perspectives on stress, achievement, and mental health are so profound. We hope you get as much out of our time with him as we did.


To check out Kacy’s Gonzaga Law School Commencement Speech, click this link (Kacy’s speech starts at the 51:55 mark).