Scuttlebutt Ep 96: System of Systems with Dr. Adam Hunzeker

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. “Science is expanding” and thank goodness we have a friend of the show like Dr. Adam Hunzeker to help us understand it better. This week we welcome Adam back to talk more about the science behind trauma and what it means that our bodies are a system of systems. Many of us remember the days when PTSD was called shell shock and going to a therapist was a potential career killer. Adam works tirelessly to remove the oversimplified labels, stigmas of mental health, and the common misconceptions of what happens to us when we experience trauma. For us to really come to a point where we are treating mental health in earnest, we need to acknowledge the complexities and nuances of trauma, and stop acting like the proverbial blind men with the elephant. Therapy is more than just getting more in touch with your feelings and we need to appreciate the complexities of the relationship between the mind and body so that we can get left of bang in this critical fight.

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