Scuttlebutt Ep 94: Modern Day Marine Day 3 – Closing Thoughts with the CEO, LtGen Chiarotti, USMC (Ret)

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. This week we are recording from the floor of Modern Day Marine so that we can bring you the events and personnel of this outstanding convention as it’s going on. We’re wrapping things up on Day 3, but no good operation goes without a hot wash, so we got the boss on the microphone to give us his thoughts and impressions of Modern Day Marine 2023. As always, LtGen Chiarotti does not disappoint. He talks about the evolution of MDM—not only the format but of the mindset and vision behind it. He also talks about getting away from the idea of this being an expo and being more of an experience. And, he discusses how MDM has taken a holistic look at today’s Marine Corps while also being a center for true synergy of the Marine Corps’ vision for future conflicts and industry’s ability to facilitate it. This is a great conversation. If you ever wonder how the boss feels about MDM, wonder no longer friends.