Scuttlebutt Ep 85: Modern Day Marine Day 1 – Col Tim Hough

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. This week we are recording from the floor of Modern Day Marine so that we can bring you the events and personnel of this outstanding convention as it’s going on. When he’s not jet-setting around the world bringing his amphibiousness to the planet’s littorals, the Program Manager for Advanced Amphibious Assault, Col Tim Hough, has a home away from home here at Scuttlebutt. We were lucky enough to catch him with some free time and we were able to talk to him about what is going on in the world of ACV, what having an amphibious capability means for the Marine Corps (beyond just having an equipment set), and how his goal is to always do better for the Marines than what he had to do. We also share some thoughts on baking as well. Spending time with Col Hough is always a good time and this conversation is no exception.

If you’re at Modern Day Marine, please come see us. We’re over by OBJ 1 (the wargaming center), Aisle 2600 and we would love to thank you face-to-face for supporting our show.