Scuttlebutt Ep 80: Lessons Learned on The Long Road with SgtMaj Justin LeHew

Hey Scuttlebutt listeners. SgtMaj Justin LeHew returns to the show to talk about his epic journey. It’s very commonplace these days to use hyperbolic language as part of our everyday vernacular. I’m the worst with that (see what I did there?). And where we may use terms like “awesome” and “amazing” fairly regularly, I’m not sure you can find a more truly amazing person than Justin LeHew. For example, after seeing a neglected and unserviceable POW/MIA flag over his local post office, he realized that there was a lot of work to do to raise awareness for those not forgotten. So, last summer, joined by two fellow Devil Dogs, SgtMaj Coleman “Rocky” Kinzer, USMC (Ret) and veteran Marine, Ray Shinohara, walked 3,365 miles coast-to-coast to raise awareness for MIA service members and raise funds for History Flight. As always, Sergeant Major tells it like it was during the 6 1/2-month trek across the country. There’s no way you don’t come away with something special after listening to this. I dare you!