Scuttlebutt Ep 75: Logistics in a Contested Environment with LtGen Charles Chiarotti

Hello Scuttlebutt listeners! This week we are truly honored to have the President and CEO of the MCA, LtGen Charles Chiarotti, USMC (Ret), back on the show. March was the logistics-themed edition of the Marine Corps Gazette, so we thought there couldn’t be any logistician better (or closer to our sound studio) than the former Deputy Commandant of Installations and Logistics to talk to us about what it means when the Commandant says that logistics is the “pacing function” for operations. As we look to our pacing threat in the Indo-Pacific and first island chain, what does it mean for the Marine Corps’ vision of stand-in forces and expeditionary advanced base operations that logistics, more than any of the other warfighting functions, will dictate our operational reach. LtGen Chiarotti shares with us his views on how we can support distributed operations in a contested environment, what utility emerging tech (read: AI/ML) will have to facilitate distributed operations, and how we need to lean into the current and future generations of Marines, give them the tools, and sit back and be impressed. Ok, enough buzz words and phrases. I’m probably using old ones anyway. This is a great conversation (just because I’m supposed to say that doesn’t mean it’s not true) and I hope you all get as much out of it as William and I did.


Produced by Vic Ruble, William Treuting, Tai Frazier, and Nancy Lichtman.