Scuttlebutt Ep 56: “Radioman” by Andy Hesterman and Rob Einaudi

Andy Hesterman and his lifelong friend Rob Einaudi joined us on Scuttlebutt to chat it up about Andy’s broad-reaching experiences from 25 years in the Marine Corps and some of the effort it took turn those experiences into the excellent book “Radioman.” Andy served as a Radioman with ANGLICO in the Gulf War, became a helicopter pilot, then served in Kosovo in the 90s and Fallujah in the 00s and so much more during his service.

Beyond shedding some light on some lesser explored moments in Corps history, Andy provides us with one of the most engrossing and powerful insights into what it means for a prior-enlisted Marine to navigate OCS and excel as an officer.

Pick up Radioman on Amazon here:

Robs author website:

Andy’s author website with a few stories not found in the book:

Watch their Youtube video about Radioman (heard at the end of the episode) 

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