Scuttlebutt Ep 53: At Dawn of Airpower with Dr. Larry Burke

National Museum of the Marine Corps Aviation Curator Dr. Larry Burke joined us on Scuttlebutt this week to talk about Marine Corps Aviation. Dive into the very birth of aviation from the invention of the airplane, through the birth of armed forces aviation, then World War I and into the Caribbean and Central America as we chart the path that led Marines into the sky and beyond. Of course, by beyond, we are talking space, the museum is working hard to chronicle Marine involvement in the space race, not just the astronauts, but capsule recovery and more.

Check out Dr. Burke’s book book, “At the Dawn of Airpower” Here:

After recording, Dr. Burke provided a correction: At the museum there is FG-1 Corsair, not an AU-1 as stated in the episode.

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Produced by Nick Wilson, Vic Ruble, William Treuting, and Nancy Lichtman.