Scuttlebutt Ep 42: The M1 Garand, A True Classic

Happy Independence Day! Jon Bernstein and Sam Lichtman join Nick, William, and Nancy to chat about one of the most iconic weapons of war, the M1 Garand. Mr. Bernstein, who works at the National Museum of the Marine Corps is part of the team that is restoring and bringing a unique rifle from the Makin Atoll to exhibit and Mr. Lichtman is a frequent contributor to Leatherneck, recently having published “This is My Rifle: The M1 Garand” in the April edition. Join us as we dive into the  development and deployment of the M1 and a few other surprises along the way.

The sound clip played at the beginning of the episode is of a certain shark being killed by a small town sheriff using a combination of an air tank and an M1.

The views and opinions expressed on Scuttlebutt are those of the individuals and do not reflect the official position of the Marine Corps Association.

Produced by Nick Wilson, Vic Ruble, William Treuting, and Nancy Lichtman.