Scuttlebutt Ep 153: Lawfare and the Law of Armed Conflict with LtCol Robert “Butch” Bracknell, USMC (Ret)

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. Thank you for joining us and for your continued support. On this episode we are happy to welcome LtCol Robert “Butch” Bracknell, USMC (Ret) to the show. Butch is a former Marine JAG and is currently a practicing attorney in Norfolk, VA. From his small town roots in rural North Carolina to having deployed multiple times in support of combat operations, Butch is a true subject-matter expert in the application of the Law of Armed Conflict. Butch shares his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Guantanamo Trials, proportionality, and his perspectives on the challenges AI will present to the Law of Armed Conflict and how to hold actors accountable in this new world where the term “actor” may not be as obvious in war as it once was. This was a really fascinating discussion and we hope you take away as much from it as we did.

Of note, as awesome a job as our technical engineer did in post-production, there was only so much they were able to do. We want to apologize in advance for some of the audio. There were some connectivity challenges as we tried to have this conversation remote.