Scuttlebutt Ep 124: Dream It, Be It with Capt Riley Tejcek, USMC

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. Thank you for joining us. This week, Nancy and Vic are excited to welcome Capt Riley Tejcek back to the show. Riley has recently returned from the US Bobsled Team trials, where she placed fourth…on a broken foot! This Marine will not be denied! By placing fourth, she is officially on the US Team and is currently in Germany preparing for World Championships in Mar. And there is no rest for the weary. Almost as soon as she gets back, she’s slated to deploy. Oh, and she has a children’s book due to be released in the late summer/early fall of this year. Whew. It was great to spend time with Riley and hear her perspectives on resiliency, the benefits of facing adversity, and the gift of giving back.


Check out Leatherneck Magazine’s article about Riley here:

Follow Riley’s journey on her Instagram page here