Scuttlebutt Ep 117: Making of a Monument with Col John Atkinson and SgtMaj Marc Chabot

Happy 2024 everyone! We’re back! We hope that you had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and that your 2024 is off to a great start. Speaking of great starts, we are going to kick off 2024 right! By bringing in two Amtrackers to talk about Amtracker stuff. Wait, where are you going? Seriously, stick around because we talk about a really fascinating topic: how a monument gets made. I think we all take for granted that when we see a statue, obelisk, or rendering, that all it took was a great idea, a righteous cause, a ton of money and then BOOM! You’ve got a monument right? Actually there is a ton of imagination, planning, preparation, art, creativity, hard work, and diligence (and butt loads of money) to create something that commemorates legacy. No one knows this more than¬† the Amphibious Tractor Association and Memorial. John and Marc help lead the charge on the creation of a Amphibious Tractor Memorial to be placed at the National Museum of the Marine Corps Memorial Walk. We step behind the curtain and let John and Marc walk us through the process how a monument comes to be, from impetus to ribbon cutting.¬†

They’re on a upward glide slope, but there is still a lot work to be done. If you would like to contribute to this endeavor or show your support, please go to and check out the artistic renderings of the monument and share in preserving the legacy of this particularly unique Marine Corps capability.