Scuttlebutt Ep 110: Tun Tavern Talks with Col Chris Woodbridge and SgtMaj Justin Lehew

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. Happy 248th Birthday Marines and welcome to episode 110 everyone. Thank you for joining us. To help celebrate our birthday we are trying a new segment we’re calling Tun Tavern Talks. For all of us who have spent time around service members, especially Marines, we know that sea stories abound. I’ve heard it said that the only difference between a fairy tale and a sea story is that one starts with once upon a time and the other starts with, this no kidding happened. So, we thought why don’t we get some of these gems immortalized on air, and what better place than a podcast called Scuttlebutt. Well, Scuttlebutt fans and fans of Scuttlebutt…scuttlebutt you shall have. To kick off our inaugural episode of the series, we brought our own Col Chris Woodbridge and SgtMaj Justin Lehew into the studio to join Vic on the panel, moderated by Nancy. What could possibly go wrong?! This was a lot of fun and we hope to have many more Tun Tavern Talks in our future.

Happy Birthday, Marines!