Scuttlebutt 19: Four Chaplains Part 2 – RADM Alan T. “Blues” Baker

Four Chaplain’s Month continues as RADM Alan T. “Blues’ Baker joined Vic to talk all things chaplaincy. As the 16th Chaplain of the Marine Corps who literally wrote the book on chaplaincy, Foundations of Chaplaincy, there was nobody better to learn from. From stories about his marksmanship badges to baptisms, “Blues” Baker will keep you entertained and grinning from ear to ear. While you are listening in, check out Strategic Foundations Chaplaincy and RADM Baker’s efforts to cultivate and grow the core of chaplaincy by bringing it into the workplace.

Nick and Vic also take a few moments to chat about Black History Month and a few other odds and ends.

Four Chaplains Month is Scuttlebutt’s first ever multi-part special. Join us as we dive into the world of Chaplains past, present, and future as we tell the tale of the USAT Dorchester and learn much, much, more about the Chaplain Corps.

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Produced by Nick Wilson, Vic Ruble, William Treuting, and Nancy Lichtman.