Scuttlebutt 11: Dr. Michael Hunzeker, ACT Theory

Deterrence is more likely to prevail the more we are thinking in worst case scenarios.

This week on Scuttlebutt Vic sits down with an old Marine friend of his, Dr. Michael Hunzeker, professor at George Mason University and author of Dying to Learn: Wartime Lessons from the Western Front.

Dr. Hunzeker teaches us how militaries learn and draws on lessons learned from World War I, including the parallels between July 1914 and today, such how the storm clouds could be seen gathering, though nobody really knew what it meant. He also shows us how tactics from later wars, such as the Blitzkrieg, learned from the battlefields of the Western Front. He took these lessons to develop the Assessment, Command, and Training Theory (ACT Theory), and we get some insight into how an acronym is perfected.

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