Scuttlebutt 0: Introduction

Scuttlebutt is a podcast for Marines by Marines. We will be exploring the unseen stories of Marines, past and present. These unseen stories are the foundation of the storied history of the Marine Corps, as well as it’s yet unwritten future. We will be having some great conversations with some really awesome guests, discussing issues focusing on the power (and significance) of storytelling, professional development, and transitioning. Whether its transitioning jobs, transitioning locations or transitioning out of the Marine Corps, life tends to be a succession of transitions. How we approach professional development is a facet of how well we transition. And ultimately, tell our story. Our stories are what makes the Marine Corps great. For us, for our families and for the country. Stories matter.

The Marine Corps Association is dedicated in its mission to support Today’s Marines. Our podcast, Scuttlebutt, seeks to create a forum to encourage and inspire Marines, former Marines, Marine families, and supporters of the Marine Corps to engage with issues that impact Marines and the Corps. Storytelling not only helps us unpack who we are, but brings us into conversation with the world and people around us. We will hear stories from Marines and civilians working to honor, uncover, and restore Marine Corps history, as well as from those working every day to make the world a better place.