icon Leatherneck Writing Contest Winners
General Charles C. KrulakSgtMaj Daniel N. Heider, USMCLeatherneck June 2021First-Place Winner
The Marine Security Guards and the Evacuation of U.S. Embassy CaracasGySgt Daniel Best, USMC & LCpl Gavin Blisset, USMCLeatherneck July 2020First-Place Winner
The LeaderCpl Taryn M. Brackett, USMCLeatherneck June 2019First-Place Winner
The Legacy of Holland M. SmithCpl Kyle DalyLeatherneck October 2018First-Place Winner
The Forgotten MarineLCpl Evan F. Weiss, USMCLeatherneck June 2017First-Place Winner
Influence: Victory Before ConflictLCpl John Gilchrist, USMCLeatherneck July 2016First-Place Winner
Cpl William T. Perkins: Combat Photographer and Medal of Honor RecipientLCpl Aidan Hekker, USMCLeatherneck July 2021Second-Place Winner
Hardships in AfghanistanSgt Chase B. Gindin, USMCLeatherneck August 2020Second-Place Winner
Disaster Relief MissionGySgt Brian Knowles, USMCRLeatherneck July 2019Second-Place Winner
The Battle of Wake Island: The Unsung Sequel to Pearl HarborSSgt Matthew D. Springer, USMCLeatherneck November 2018Second-Place Winner
Marines Return to BeirutSSgt Michael C. Woodall, USMCLeatherneck July 2017Second-Place Winner
Marines Under the BombCpl Daniel Chandler, USMCLeatherneck September 2016Second-Place Winner
Major General Smedley ButlerSSgt Joseph Holman, USMCLeatherneck August 2021Third-Place Winner
A Night Along the RiverSSgt Steven Rossa, USMCLeatherneck September 2020Third-Place Winner
Out From Under the RugSSgt Kenneth R. Rick, USMCLeatherneck August 2019Third-Place Winner
Marines in World War I: The Tide Turns at Belleau WoodSSgt Linda A. Scott, USMCLeatherneck September 2017Third-Place Winner
An Anbar SummerSSgt Carson D. Clover, USMCLeatherneck August 2016Third-Place Winner