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A Letter from the Deputy Commandant for InformationLtGen Matthew G. GlavyGazette September 2021
Leveraging CyberspaceCapt Michael HoldridgeGazette September 2021Reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance in the information environment
Humans Are More Important Than HardwareLtCol Jeff Star & Maj Jacob ShowalterGazette September 2021Putting “OIE Truth #1” into action
MEF Command Element Employment ConstructsLtCol Robert A. FairleyGazette September 2021Leveraging operational naval concepts
ANGLICO and OIEMaj Jacob CorlGazette September 2021The Marine Corps counter to “Little Green Men”
Intelligence and the Defense of CyberspaceCapt Jessica J. ConnatserGazette September 2021Intelligence and personnel requirements for intelligence support to network defense
Failed Strategy in CyberspaceMaj Patrick HylantGazette September 2021Reliance on foreign supply chains
Foreign Language CapabilitiesJohn Durish, Kevin Johnston & Maj Genevieve StuderGazette September 2021Improved talent management is needed
Hiding in Plain SightMaj John G. Long III, PhDGazette September 2021OpSec for the 21st century
MCIA’s Enterprise Operations CenterMarines and Civilian Marines of MCIA’s Enterprise Operations CenterGazette September 2021Synchronizing MCISRE support
The Information RenaissanceCapt Daniel G. LimGazette September 2021Systems, Culture, and People
The National Intelligence UniversityMaj Toby J. CollinsGazette September 2021Strategic resource for Marine Corps intelligence
Proposed ChangeLtCol Christopher S. TsirlisGazette September 2021Eliminate the AC/S G-6 function from the Marine Corps
Enlisted Marine Intelligence TrainingGySgt Ryan West & SSgt Benjamin FergusonGazette September 2020Maximizing the future
Intelligence-Oriented Tactical TasksCapt Kevin L. GravingGazette September 2020Bridging the gap between intelligence enablers and the commanders they support
Do We Believe What We Know?LtCol David W. PinionGazette September 2020Capitalize on emerging technology
ISR for the Human DomainThomas Adamo, Capt David Fisher & the IdOps Stakeholders StaffGazette September 2020Facilitating mission success in a new strategic era
Effective Training for Intelligence Specialists1stLt Ben M. KallasGazette September 2020Setting our Marines up for success
Why Site ExploitationMaj David S. Pummell, USMC (Ret)Gazette September 2020Forcing the return on investment
On Intelligence, Part ICapt Christopher DenzelGazette September 2020Why does intelligence work?
The Age of Chinese Espionage2ndLt Cybèle C. Greenberg, USMCRGazette September 2020Revamping Marine Corps intelligence
The Competition ContinuumLtCols Bradley N. Fultz & Aniema G. UtukGazette September 2020Intelligence support to operations in the information environment
Signature ManagementCapt Ferguson DaleGazette September 2020It is more than just turning off your cell phone
Marines Will Not Have Blue Hair or MohawksMaj Shawn F. CarianGazette September 2020Focus on discipline and standards; we do not need a cyber force
Electrical Energy OverrelianceCapt Sharon RollinsGazette September 2020A Marine Corps vulnerability
COMMSTRAT Maneuver in OIECapt Joshua W. Larson, Maj Joshua L. Smith & CWO3 Jared M. PadulaGazette September 2020Capabilities, challenges, and the way forward
COMMSTRAT Is OperationalLtCol Chris PerrineGazette September 2020Creating advantages in the information environment
COMMSTRATLtCol Kelly FrushourGazette September 2020What it is, what it isn’t, and its place in the MIG
07XX Information Activities Occupational FieldLtCol Anthony J. Andrious & Capt John ParryGazette September 2020Expanding information capabilities
Lawfare During Information OperationsCapt Charles J. DemmerGazette September 2020Law is a weapon of war
A Letter from the Director of IntelligenceBGen Melvin G. CarterGazette September 2019
Marine Corps IntelligenceMaj Michael H. decker, USMC(Ret) & Sgt William Mackenzie, USMC(Ret)Gazette September 2019The interwar years
Intelligence Planner’s HandbookMaj Clint J. Nussberger, USMC(Ret)Gazette September 2019A guide to exercise design and scenario development
The Future is NowJames McGinley & Arthur SpeyerGazette September 2019Marine Corps operations in the information environment
Marine Corps Intelligence ActivityLtCol Ryan ShafferGazette September 2019Organizational support to the Marine Corps
The Space Warfighting DomainLtCol Mark J. McDonald, USMCRGazette September 2019Is Marine Corps intelligence ready?
Intelligence Within the MIGsMaj Trustun G. ConnorGazette September 2019A running estimate
OSINTHeather A. BarrowsGazette September 2019The need for an open source intelligence workforce
A Time to IterateLtCols Ben Hodgins & Marc CaldwellGazette September 2019The MEF intelligence brigade
Nonlinearity and the Arc of WarfightingGeorge M. GrossGazette September 2019Bending toward the tactical level of war?
Next Generation Intelligence IntegrationRyan R. GormanGazette September 2019Leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance human-machine analytic collaboration
A View From the Pointy EndMaj Paul L. Croom IIGazette September 2019Special operations forces perspectives for Marien Corps intelligence support to information operations
The PLANMCSteve OstroskyGazette September 2019Will the PLA Marine Corps become its own Service
A Language-Ready ForceBenjamin NagyGazette September 2019The world’s first
21st-Century CLIC1stLt Evan J. AllardGazette September 2019As the threats facing the U.S. military evolve, so must the company-level intelligence cell
The Intelligence Planner’s GuideLtCol Jonathan M. Donigan, USMC(Ret)Gazette September 2019Improving intelligence support to operational planning teams
Professionalizing Air Intelligence, Part IVCapt Christopher A. DenzelGazette September 2019What makes a good squadron S-2?
Air Intelligence Is a MAGTF Critical EnablerCol Michael LindermannGazette September 2019Let’s resource it that way
A Letter from the Director of IntelligenceBGen Dimitri HenryGazette September 2018
Intelligence OperationsCol Frank K. Chawk, IIIGazette September 2018An introduction
Intelligence TrainingCol Randy PughGazette September 2018The need for highly proficient and disciplined intelligence Marines is being met
Marine Cryptologic Support BattalionLtCol Mark SchaeferGazette September 2018Creating better, more potent intelligence officers
IPB DashboardMaj Keith S. Crim, Jr.Gazette September 2018Interactive and anticipatory
Information Warfare at the Battle of Belleau WoodCapt Scott Haviland, SSgt William Correa, Sgt Erika Poole, LCpl Joseph Garris & LCpl Travis JonesGazette September 2018Mastering the information environment
Intelligence WarfightingCapts Matthew T. Perry, Johnathon J. Rice & John ShinGazette September 2018Rethinking MAGTF intel structure and support concepts
Professionalizing Air Intelligence, Part IIICapt Christopher A. DenzelGazette September 2018The Air Intelligence Tactics Study Group (AITSG)
Redesigning CLICs1stLt Eric J. DavidsGazette September 2018Improving intelligence support to riflemen through human-centered design
OSINTCapt Benjamin SiegelGazette September 2018It’s not a dirty word
Fighting to Get Into the FightSgt Ryan C. Bercaw & 1stLt Daniel W. AveryGazette September 2018A path to relevance for the S-2 in non-infantry ground units
The Marine AttachéMaj Derek A. FilipeGazette September 2018Enabling the DIRINT’s vision and the MOC as a strategic enabler
Information ManagementMaj Jonathan M. GeorgeGazette September 2018Lessons learned from III MEF, the MCISRE, and beyond
G-2 Integration of CBR Data1stLt Chandler A. MarcusGazette September 20181stMarDiv and counter battery data analysis from MEFEX 18