icon Operations in the Information Environment/C4
Back to Basics with C21stLt Davis VercherGazette April 2021Relearning how to sustain decentralized action in the face of denied C2
Director, C4 LetterBGen Lorna MahlockGazette April 2021
DC I LetterDCI Lori ReynoldsGazette April 2021
EABO Communications TrainingCWO3 Patrick FaheyGazette April 2021Items the Marine Corps communication unit must focus on
First to Fight, First to CompeteCol Jordan WalzerGazette April 2021The Corps needs the courage to evolve
The Five OIE TruthsCol Brian RussellGazette April 2021What it takes to be successful in the information environment
The Fourth Block1stLt Mitchell GunterGazette April 2021Krulak in the Information Age
Learn to Stop Worrying and Embrace Deception1stLt Michael GermanoGazette April 2021MILDEC at the tactical level
Low Signature Information Network1stLt Michael Donovan & Mr. Robert HartGazette April 2021Bridging the gap between sensor and decisionmaker
Modernizing COMMSTRAT When Assigned to U.S. Navy FleetsCapt Melissa HeisterbergGazette April 2021Integrating and empowering ARG/MEU public affairs and COMMSTRAT
Pushed to the EdgeMajs Nathan Wood & John ProssGazette April 2021How edge computing is a model for future warfighting
Stovepipe or Collaborate?Maj Christopher KearneyGazette April 2021A call to increase education for information related capabilities within the Marine Corps
Strategic Communication in JapanCol William HendricksGazette April 2021A critical vulnerability
Who Needs COMMSTRAT?Capt John J. PerryGazette April 2020How an improved Fleet Marine Force leadership structure and improved
communication strategy and operations better supports the warfighter
What is Military Information Power?Eric X. SchanerGazette April 2020The post-industrial information environment
What are OIE?Eric X. SchanerGazette April 2020Definition and functions
WargamingLtCol Dennis Katolin &
Maj Benjamin George
Gazette April 2020OIE practice reinforces OIE employment
Trident JunctureLtCol Fred Hopewell,
USMC (Ret)
Gazette April 2020Adaptive information and knowledge management
Transforming Marine Corps Operations in the
Information Environment Training
LtCol James McGrath,
LTC Tim J. Pike, USA (Ret),
CDR Christopher Pieczynski,
USN (Ret), Capt Michael Runyon
Gazette April 2020Gaining and maintaining an operational advantage
Talent Management for Cyber WarfareCapt Aric A. RamseyGazette April 2020Maintaining the right workforce
Spectrum Contested EnvironmentsLtCol Christopher S. TsirlisGazette April 2020Maneuver warfare and command and control in an EMS environment
Revolution in Military AffairsLtCol Jamel NevilleGazette April 2020Parallels of 18th and 19th century tactics and technologies to 21st
century cyberspace operations
The Race to DigitalizationCol John Shafer, USMC (Ret) &
Charles Rath
Gazette April 2020How digitalization will revolutionize military capability and the seven
strategies we need now to harness it
The Power of MusicCol Jason K. FettigGazette April 2020Moving the Marine Corps forward
The Nature of InformationLtCol Dennis W. KatolinGazette April 2020Information is instantaneous
More Command, Less ControlMaj Brian KergGazette April 2020Revolutionizing the culture of C2
Marine Corps Information Operations CenterCol Francis K. Chawk, IIIGazette April 2020Past, present, and future
Maneuver Warfare in the Cyber DomainCapt Joe McGinleyGazette April 2020A proposal to update the existing legal framework to facilitate decentralized
decision making in cyber operations
Information DefinedLtCol Dennis W. KatolinGazette April 2020A whole of force approach
Information and UncertaintyEric X. SchanerGazette April 2020New forms of conflict are possible
The Expeditionary CommunicatorCWO3 Emedin Rivera &
Capt Ian P. Paquette
Gazette April 2020The naval C4 integration imperative
A Letter from the Deputy Commandant
for Information
LtGen L. E. ReynoldsGazette April 2020
Command and Control Considerations for EABOMarc Riccio &
Maj William Grimball
Gazette April 2020Marine Corps integration into the fleet via the Composite Warfare
Commander concept
ANW2 ExpandedMaj Adrian E. Ybarra,
1stLt Raymond Ashton,
1stLt Ronnie Reyes, &
1stLt Ryan McCoy
Gazette April 2020Somewhere in South East Asia
Fanning the Flames of InnovationMaj Paul L. Stokes, USMC (Ret)
& CWO4 Brian D. Bethke
Gazette April 2019Thawing out the frozen middle
Client Computing SolutionsNH3 Fred E. DaubenspeckGazette April 2019The 95 percent solution; enabling command and control for tomorrow’s
Marine Corps today
The Cyber Base of FireMaj Paul L. Stokes, USMC (Ret)
& LtCol Brian A. Woodward
Gazette April 2018A combined arms approach to cyber maneuver
Tying It All TogetherCWO3 Justin D. HaysGazette April 2018Identity operations in support of information operations
Thriving in the Information AgeLtCol Jamel Neville Gazette April 2018Why Marine corps commanders must maximize their existing information-
related capabilities
On CyberCapt Austin DuncanGazette April 2018Preparing the 21st century MAGTF to fight in the cyberspace domain
MEF Information GroupCol David S. Owen, CO II MIG,
Maj Sasha J. Kuhlow,
Capt Mark Director,
1stLt Mark Schindler, &
CWO4 Erik Halvorson
Gazette April 2018Fighting the information environment
Marine Cryptologic Support BattalionCapt Lawrence V. CoffeyGazette April 2018A unique unit in need of a unique structure
Institutionalizing Information OperationsCapt Luke F. MannionGazette April 2018A doctrinally recognized area of operations
Fire Support TeamsCol David S. Owen &
Maj Sasha J. Kuhlow
Gazette April 2018Operating in the information environment
The Enemy’s Most Dangerous Course of ActionCapt Christopher R. CanterGazette April 2018Is the Marine Corps prepared to operate in a
network-degraded environment?
Defensive Cyberspace OperationsMGySgt William W. Hess &
GySgt Robert M. Moore
Gazette April 2018The integration the defensive cyberspace operations-internal defensive
measures companies
Closing the MAGTF C2/Cyber GapMaj Paul L. Stokes, USMC (Ret)Gazette April 2018The requirement of a C2/Cyber center of excellence
The 21st Century MAGTF C2 EnvironmentMaj Kelly HaycockGazette April 2018Consolidating wideband BLOS capabilities
The Art of Communications PlanningMaj Brandon NewellGazette April 2016Sun Tzu and communicators
Combat SkySatCapt Kevin SoederGazette April 2016A solution to Marine Corps long-range radio communications limitations
Digital Interoperability in the Objective AreaCapt Daniel RettedalGazette April 2016The benefits of COTS technology
Effects of a SATCOM LossMaj Arun ShankarGazette April 2016A proposed experimental design
Operational AgilityLtCol Robert L. BurtonGazette April 2016Functional componency and the span of influence