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Our purpose in life as Marine intelligence professionals is to support the commander on the deck and to win in combat against our Nation’s enemies, or, in intel-speak, “provide intelligence at the tactical edge to maintain a qualitative advantage over adversaries on the modern battlefield.” If what...
Reconnaissance elements in modern warfare have changed drastically with the expanding developments in small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), but the timeless principles from General Guderian remain the same. Providing reconnaissance in support of M1A1 tanks moving at an average of 25 kilometers...
It would be hard to argue that the training provided to 0231 intelligence specialists—the enlisted intelligence Marines who provide the backbone for all-source intelligence in the Marine Corps—sets them up for success in a combat environment. Perhaps it did twenty years ago, before the...

Today in History

August 19


The 26th MEU(SOC) and Sixth Fleet were ordered to Istanbul to assist in relief efforts after the earthquake in Western Turkey.


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