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The George and Carol Olmsted Foundation, properly The Olmsted Foundation ( ), offers singularly unique scholarships to Service-recommended U.S. active duty junior officers. Olmsted scholars are regular officers of the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and the Air Force who...
Situation This is a continuation of TDG 08-16R. The enemy is continuing to press its assault of Dull Garrison Island. Against overwhelming odds and in the face of heavy casualties, the fight is not going well for our provisional battalion, which has begun to consolidate its survivors into a single...
2016 Expeditionary Warfare School Writing Award 1st Place T here has never been a greater need for military police (MP) in the Marine Corps. Our provost marshal offices (PMO) are contending with the highest domestic terrorist threat to our installations that we have ever faced, and overseas MP are...

Today in History

August 30


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

1813 - Marines aboard the USS President helped capture the HMS brig Shannon.
- 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, commanded by Maj Frank Carney, became the first American troops to set foot on Japanese soil - the first occupying force ever to touch the Japanese mainland.
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Fall 1979. Then-BGen Al Gray, Director of the Development Center at Marine Corps Development and Education Command, appears before the Senate Armed Services Committee with LtGen John Miller. BGen Gray gets a question from the committee that he knew was coming: Would the Marine Corps be interested...