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T he Marine Corps does not know how to develop people to become ethical. Making a Marine go to the base theatre and telling him not to drink and drive is not the same as instilling values in him. This article is designed to provide the Marine Corps a developmental approach to the theory behind...
I n 2003, the Marine Corps charged to Baghdad in just 21 days, crushing Saddam Hussein’s army and demonstrating American military preeminence in Phase 3 operations. Months later, an insurgency raged, feeding off complex societal dynamics that had festered for centuries. The Marine Corps found...
Situation This is a continuation of TDG 08-16R. The enemy is continuing to press its assault of Dull Garrison Island. Against overwhelming odds and in the face of heavy casualties, the fight is not going well for our provisional battalion, which has begun to consolidate its survivors into a single...

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August 27


Pappy Boyington liberated from Omori Prison


Eagle, Globe, and AnchorMarines guarding workmen cutting masts for the Navy pursued Indians near Reading, PA.
1893 - A giant tidal wave swept across Parris Island, Port Royal, SC.

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Sep 4, 2015 | Logistics
In 2011, the Marine Corps faced a logistics challenge: The initial stages of our retrograde and redeployment from Afghanistan were getting underway, and we needed a detailed disposition plan, or "playbook," for all of our ground equipment in theater. We didn't want to bring back equipment that we...