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Starting in the fall of 2013, III MEF actively began planning for the introduction of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) into the western Pacific. The unique capabilities HIMARS provides—combining lethality, precision, and deployability—make it the platform of choice for many...
A simple click of a camera’s shutter, and a small moment in Marine Corps history is preserved. Just one moment in the millions during the incredible battle for the small island of Iwo Jima. Circumstances, however, made this moment very different; the photograph took on a life of its own, and its...
The conversation around command and control (C 2 ) in 21st century warfare hinges on technology. Questions are repeatedly raised regarding how the Marine Corps can C 2 distributed forces. The focus on how is not wrong; such questions are good ones and need to be answered. Yet unquestioned, however...

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July 25


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor1777 - Congress authorizes a $4 weekly subsistence for Marine officers.
1930 - Lieutenant Lewis “Chesty” Puller wins first of five Navy Crosses chasing Sandino guerrillas in Nicaragua.
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Chesty Puller By Sgt Nolle T. Roberts Leatherneck Magazine (June 1948)

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Sep 4, 2015 | Logistics
In 2011, the Marine Corps faced a logistics challenge: The initial stages of our retrograde and redeployment from Afghanistan were getting underway, and we needed a detailed disposition plan, or "playbook," for all of our ground equipment in theater. We didn't want to bring back equipment that we...