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China in the Asia-Pacific Cyber DomainMaj Dylan BuckGazette December 2021Okinawa and South China Sea case Study
The Diplomatic AskCol Jonathan HaynesGazette December 2021Enabling Force Design 2030
Deep Engagement2ndLt Ramarro LamarGazette December 2021The key to global authority over an emerging China
Foreshadowing Far East Conflicts2ndLt Tristan HancockGazette November 2021Today’s analysis on tomorrow’s war
DPRIMaj Nick OltmanGazette November 2021Strengthening U.S.-Japanese Posture in INDOPACOM
Decentralized Decision MakingCol Mark BooneGazette November 2021A paradigm-shift in thinking for NATO and future U.S. alliances in the Asia-Pacific region
“Katchi Kapshida!”LtCol Matthew CrouchGazette November 2021We go together: rewarding service on the far side of the world at MARFORK
The 9/11 Wars Are OverMaj Michael AndersonGazette October 2021Charting the best way forward
Survivorship BiasCol Kyle PhillipsGazette October 2021Applying an old concept to new opportunities for leader development
China’s active Defense Military StrategyMaj Timothy OrnelasGazette October 2021Competition considerations for U.S. forces operating in the Indo-Pacific region
The Dual Thucydides Trap1stLt Alexandre ShivnenGazette August 2021More than bilateral competition
Rule of Law v. Sharp PowerMaj T. Nelson CollierGazette July 2021Capacity building and global power competition
DIMEMSgt Matthew L. HigginsGazette July 2021Not just an acronym
Red and Blue TidesLtCol John W. BlackGazette May 2021The ebb and flow of competing strategies in the Indo-Pacific region
The Hybrid Warfare VulnerabilityMaj Patrick S. HassettGazette May 2021Assessing the need for a hybrid warfare joint operating concept
Containing the DragonMaj Matthew T. SommerGazette April 2021China and the strategy of containment in the 21st century
Channeling Realism to Avert a War Over TaiwanMaj Franz J. Gayl, USMC (Ret)Gazette January 2021The need for a contemporary policy
The Economics of WarfareCapt Conor T. BenderGazette January 2021Weaponizing costs and economies
North KoreaLtCol John W. BlackGazette January 2021A dangerous threat to the United States
Understanding Our Differences for a Stronger U.S.-Japan AllianceMaj Anthony L. LaVista IIGazette December 2020Maintaining a stable strategic relationship
China’s Hybrid Warfare and U.S.-China Security DilemmaMGySgt Andy B. AndersonGazette December 2020Part III
China’s Hybrid Warfare and U.S.-China Security DilemmaMGySgt Andy B. AndersonGazette November 2020Part II
Winning Battles Will Not Be Enough in a Great Power ConflictCol Thomas C. Greenwood, USMC (Ret)Gazette November 2020Credible deterrence requires more than tactical war fighting concepts
Unrestricted Warfare Beyond the South China SeaCapt Wayland BlueGazette November 2020What we can learn about China’s pursuit of strategic influence from its engagement with Burma
China’s Hybrid WarfareMGySgt Andy B. AndersonGazette October 2020Part 1: The U.S.-China security dilemma