Clash at Timpan-ni, Part II

This scenario is the continuation of Tactical Decision Game #97-9, "Clash at Timpan-ni," based on the author's solution to that situation as presented on p. 91 of this issue. In the scenario, you are a rifle company commander in 3d Marines. You have been reinforced with a tank platoon, an assault amphibious vehicle platoon, a TOW Section, and a Dragon Section that is now distributed throughout your platoons. You are operating in rugged, broken terrain spotted uith sparse vegetation and small lakes. Line-ofsight is rarely more than a kilometer. Vehicle movement is restricted to the roads and tracks, although the vegetation and small hills are generally not a problem for infantry.

Guarding the regiment's left flank as it advances north, you meet what appears to be an enemy company or battalion of tanks and mechanized infantry southwest of Timpan-ni. You decide to seize the initiative and develop the situation by launching the Tank Platoon on a reconnaissance-inforce southwest from the village while 2d Platoon overwatches. Your initial main effort, however, is 3d Platoon, which you instruct to deploy "south of Hill 305 to block enemy movement east toward 110." 3d Platoon's observation post (OP) on Hill 305 is supposed to call for immediate suppression fires and come up on the company tactical net to keep you advised of the developing situation. You hear the call for fire on the conduct of fire net, but you cannot raise the OP on the tactical net. Your forward air controller tells you that a close air support mission is about a half hour away.

Tank Platoon's attack takes the enemy initially by surprise, although because of the terrain the tank platoon commander can rarely bring more than two tanks to bear at a time. Still, your tanks knock out several T-62s, and your Cobra Section ("Slappy") also accounts for several combat vehicles. There is no further word from the OP on Hill 305, and your artillery forward observer (FO) takes over control of the fire mission. 1st Platoon, your reserve, reports it is assembled at Timpan-ni with the TOW Section and ready for action.

3d Platoon reports it is in position south of Hill 305 as instructed and has engaged the enemy: "We caught them in the flank as they went past." This does not sound right to you, so you ask Slappy what he can see. He reports that enemy vehicles have crossed Rte. 110 heading east with no sign of resistance. Slappy engages the column, which he reports to consist of 15-20 vehicles. After a confusing conversation, you are finally able to ascertain that 3d Platoon is not blocking the enemy's eastward movement toward Rte. 110 but is sitting astride Rte. 110 west of Hill 328 and that some "five or six" enemy vehicles have crossed Rte. 110 to its south. The 3d Platoon commander now reports enemy dismounted probes to either flank.

Meanwhile, the Tank Platoon has continued to make steady progress and has accounted for four more enemy combat vehicles. The enemy's T62s are hastily falling back, and now your platoon commander reports dismounted infantry to both sides of the trail. "I could use some infantry support," he reports. What'll it be, Captain?


In a time limit of 2 minutes, decide what you will do by issuing any orders, reports or requests. Then provide a sketch and a brief explanation of your decision. Send your solution to Marine Corps Gazette, TDG #97-11, P.O. Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134 or fax 703640-0823. US MC For more detailed information on the structire of Marine Corps units, Marine Corps equipment, and symbols used in TDG sketches, see MCG, Oct94, pp. 53-56 and the modification reported in Jan95, p. 5.