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“This bitter struggle for a bit of ground smaller than Central Park marked the turning point of this whole war.” Col Albertus W. Catlin, Commanding Officer, 6th Marines WIA June 6, 1918 Moving Up, May 31, 1918 It had been a long, dusty, miserable ride for the 4th Marine Brigade of the 2d Division...
Part I In late July 2004, the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable (MEU (SOC)), composed of 1st Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment; Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (HMM) 167 and MEU Service Support Group (MSSG) 11, assumed responsibility for An-Najaf, located 100 miles due...
In the March issue of Leatherneck, we asked readers to send in their photos of Marine dads for a photo spread in our June issue in honor of Father’s Day. The response was great! Due to space constraints, we regret that we are unable to publish all the photos we received; however, additional photos...

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May 24


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

1900 - Marines landed at Taku, China, to establish Legation Guard at Peking.
Related Article: The Marines In China By LtCol C. H. Metcalf Marine Corps Gazette (Sept 1938)