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Private First Class Omer Hadsall’s time with First Platoon, Echo Company, Second Battalion, Ninth Marines ended abruptly one morning when he stepped on a land mine. “It happened south of Da Nang, about 8:30 in the morning, April 24, 1966. We were patrolling in this area where enemy action had taken...
“Heads or tails?” “Wherever the dart lands?” It may be easy for Marines in the fleet to conjure a caricature-like image of how their monitor makes assignments and issues orders, but the truth is that there’s no coin flip or dartboard that’s driving decisions in the Manpower and Reserve Affairs...
From the Archives: July 1947 For reasons which have never been clear to anyone, Peleliu, although one of the most fiercely defended islands on the Marines’ long road across the Pacific, never received much notice in the press, while accounts of Tarawa, which preceded it, and Iwo Jima, which...

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May 25


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

1775 - Eight Marines escorted payroll; this was the first recorded action of the Continental Marines.
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