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The Marine Corps Association & Foundation website has a new look for a new year. Visit www.mca-marines.org and you’ll see that we have revamped and overhauled the site to better serve our members and friends of the Corps. We teamed up with web development and hosting firm Unleashed Technologies...
LASHKAR GAH AFGHANISTAN Security, Voter Safety Top Priorities As Afghans Prepare for Elections The commanding general of Regional Command Southwest attended a shura Feb. 10 held by the provincial governor of Helmand province to discuss security leading up to the national elections in Afghanistan,...
The Marine Corps drill instructor—widely referred to as the DI—is an American icon. With uniform creases sharp as Ka-Bar knives, “Smokey Bear” campaign hat tilted slightly forward, eyes hard and focused, mouth set in a determined grimace, hands clenched in fists resting on both hips, feet shoulder-...

Today in History

April 23


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor1914 - The 3d Marine Regiment joined in a show of force at Vera Cruz, Mexico, after an insult to the American flag.
Related Article: Roots of Deployment - Vera Cruz, 1914 By Col J. H. Alexander Marine Corps Gazette (Nov 1982)