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How does a Marine officer become a naval aviator? It all starts with Marine Aviation Training Support Group (MATSG) 21, which has been the “Gateway to Marine Aviation” since 1969. After graduating from The Basic School at Quantico, Va., Marine student pilots and flight officers begin their path to...
According to General Charles A. Horner, USAF (Ret), commander of all U.S. and allied air assets during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the first daylight raid of the war was “a ‘lynchpin’ in the air campaign. … We put up a ‘wall of Eagles’ out in front of the main force with the...

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April 25


Khe Sanh , South Vietnam, “Hill Fights” of 1967. 3d Battalion, 3d Marines followed by 2/3 fought entrenched NVA on Hill 861, finally taking the hill three days later. Fighting continued through early May on Hill 881 as the 26th Marines came in to relieve 3d Marines.