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“Tradition is the life blood of regiments.” Sir Winston Churchill Guadalcanal Island Dec. 24, 1944 On the afternoon of the day before Christmas in 1944, a football game was played on the island of Guadalcanal. A backwater of the war, far removed from the climactic battles fought in its jungles and...
Innovative technology such as tactical data links are changing the way battles are won and strategies are implemented on the battlefield. On July 24, Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA) 467, Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VMU) Squadron 2 and U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations...
Captain Richard C. Mangrum, Marine Scout-Bombing Squadron (VMSB) 232’s flight officer, was reading the comics in his cottage on Ewa Beach, Territory of Hawaii, near the airfield when he heard the muted sounds of machine guns firing. He initially shrugged it off, thinking the fleet was holding some...

Today in History

November 27


Chinese Communists launched an attack, surrounding Marines at Chosin Reservoir.


The 4th Marine Regiment departed Shanghai, China, to strengthen forces at Olongapo, Philippines.