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“Due to all the rains, the river is so high that our boats have to go along close to the bank, wending their way between and under trees. It is a common thing to have to cut one’s way through the limbs. The result is that all day one is busy brushing off ants—worms—and bugs of all disciplines, most...
In the dark, early-morning hours of Feb. 25, 1991, a battalion of tanks and mechanized vehicles from the Iraqi 3rd Mechanized Division moved south along a road that just happened to be the dividing line between the Second Marine Division and First Marine Division. Their destination was the...
U.S. Marines, Cameroonian Soldiers Train to Fight Illicit Trafficking LIMBE, CAMEROON In the humid, lush jungle of Limbe, Cameroon, 18 Marines with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force–Crisis Response-Africa shared tactics and skills with more than 80 soldiers from the Forces Fusiliers...

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August 31


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor1950 - North Koreans swarmed across Naktong River against the 1st Marine Brigade.
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By Lynn Montross Marine Corps Gazette (July 1951)