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Robert Leroy “Bob” Frey was born June 1, 1921, in Kansas City, Mo. The firstborn child of Louis Chase Frey Jr. and Sylvia Mae DeMoss, he grew up in Kansas City, only leaving when he enlisted in the Marine Corps on Jan. 11, 1940, after being turned down by the Navy. He traveled by train to Marine...
One of British Royal Marine Major Tom White’s initial interactions with U.S. Marines was an event that very well may have saved his life. During his first deployment to Afghanistan in 2008, White, then a young lieutenant attached to a Royal Marine unit known as 42 Commando, was operating in Helmand...
From the Archives: November 1960 A whale oil lamp flickered wildly as a tall, sun-bronzed man, his face furrowed, his eyes faded from too many hours of staring out over the empty sea, grimly signed his name to a letter on the desk before him. He was Charles Endicott, skipper of the merchantman...

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February 21


1991 - VMA-331 conducted the first combat missions for AV-8B, operating from the helicopter assault ship USS Nassau, LHA-4.
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