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What is Giving Tuesday?

How can I join the movement and support Today’s Marines?

DONATE – Make a donation to MCAF. Whether it’s $5 or $500, you will make an impact on our Marines and help prepare them for tomorrow’s battles. You can donate online, or text mcaf to 56651.
CREATE A FUNDRAISER – Are you on Facebook? You can make a Facebook fundraiser and share your passion for supporting Marines with your friends and family. It takes less than two minutes to setup and is FREE. Click here for fun images to use on your page.
SHARE – Tell your community about Giving Tuesday and how they can show their support for our Marines. Tell your neighbor at the grocery store, email your coworkers, or share it on social media.

How does the Marine Corps Association Foundation support Today’s Marines?

MCAF supports nearly 100,000 Marines a year through our four programs:

  1. Commanders’ Forum Program

Units all over the world engage in Professional Military Education experiences through this program to learn from historic battles ranging from the D-Day Landing at Normandy and Marine amphibious landings on Pacific islands, to the Battle of Marathon between Athenians and Persians in 490BC, to military engagements in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, to battles which took place in the United States during the Revolution and Civil War.

  1. Marine Writing Program

The Marine Writing Program encourages creativity, critical reasoning skills, open discussion, and frank dialogue on topics important to Marines and ensures those serving today will excel in tomorrow’s complex environment.

  1. Unit Library Program

These libraries allow Marines of all ranks to access books that are on the Commandant’s Professional Reading List, enhancing their professional military education.  Without access to the libraries, Marines, and in particular our junior Marines, would be expected to find these books and pay for them on their own. Our Commanders’ Unit Library Program gives Marines the tools they need to develop as leaders and critical thinkers.

  1. Marine Excellence Awards

The Marine Corps Association Foundation provides awards to recognize exceptional performance across the Corps including thousands of awards at professional schools and within military occupational fields. These awards are essential tools used by Marine leaders to ensure the men and women in their units are working to be the best, and when they succeed, are appropriately recognized for their achievements.

Who benefits from MCAF’s programs?
Marines! We support enlisted, officers, active duty, reserve, deployed and stateside Marines. MCAF provides support to Marines across the globe of all ranks and specialties. From honor graduates at Parris Island and San Diego, to units at sea, to Marines preparing to deploy, MCAF is there to help Today’s Marines excel!