icon The MAGTF: Air Combat Element and Ground Combat Element
The 4th Marine RegimentCapt Patrick A. MajeskiGazette May 2021The fight tonight force
Aviation ApportionmentMaj Anthony N. SamaGazette May 2021Failing to unify the MAGTF
Countering ObsolescenceCapt Daniel M. BeletGazette May 2021The fight for Marine Corps tactical aviation relevance
Distributed Aviation OperationsLtCol Drew BossartGazette May 2021Cutting the tether on outdated aircraft maintenance inspections
Every Marine a RiflemanCWO4 Gunner James CurtisGazette May 2021More than marksmanship
Force Projection in the Modern A2/AD EnvironmentLtCol Eric A. ScherrerGazette May 2021The future of MEU strike fighter aviation
Infantry Squad LeadersCapt Tommy SimondsGazette May 2021Increasing prestige to get the leader we need
The King of Battle Recaptures His Crown?Maj David LipkinGazette May 2021How the Commandant’s vision impacts artillery operations
Marine Corps Aviation: Fight Now, Fight TomorrowLtGen Mark R. WiseGazette May 2021A message from the Deputy Commandant for Aviation
Marine Corps Infantry MarksmanshipMSgt Marc J. ChaplinGazette May 2021Realistic challenging training
Marine Student Naval Aviators2ndLt Jack WhalenGazette May 2021How to utilize their maximum potential
A Message from the DC PP&OLtGen George W. Smith Jr.Gazette May 2021
Mountain FightingMr. David KerbyGazette May 2021Observations and recommendations from Bridgeport’s
Infantry Training Company
Rebuilding CapabilityMajs Justin D. Davis & Neal T. JonesGazette May 2021Assault amphibians and infantry return to the deep blue
Rifle Company ReconnaissanceMaj Daniel Martin & 1stLt Ryan CaseyGazette May 2021Creating a dedicated element to fill a critical gap
Sourcing JTACsCapt Joseph KangGazette May 2021Increasing options to meet the high demand
Technical Signature Management for Small UnitsCapt Luke KlenaGazette May 2021Implementing TTPs that can be employed today
The LEEGLtCol Paul B. Bock & Capt Maxwell StewartGazette May 2021Littoral engineer and explosive ordnance disposal group
A Call for ImprovementMSgt Marc J. ChaplinGazette May 2020USMC infantry standards, career development, and education
Aviation MaintenanceMaj David R. HainesGazette May 2020Improving the organization
Can Group 3 UAS Be Relevant in a Major Conflict?Maj David D. ZygaGazette May 2020A case for greater automation, today
CLB AAVR7s and CrewCapt William M. LambuthGazette May 2020Reallocate the personnel back to assault amphibian battalions
The DASCMaj Joel N. ReaGazette May 2020Enlisted controllers
Fieldcraft Revision and Tactical CultureMGySgt Charles Walker, USMC (Ret)Gazette May 2020Return to the basics
Increasing Marine Corps LethalityLtCol G.L. TopperGazette May 20208002 as a primary MOS
The Light Motorized Infantry CompanyCapt Michael HansonGazette May 2020Operating in the future
The Marine Combat Engineer RegimentLtCol Walt CarrGazette May 2020A better organizational model for combat engineers
MK-19 High Angle FireSSgt Eric M. EmmottGazette May 2020Restore the capability at the small unit level
Narratives of NasiriyaMaj T.N. Collier, USMCRGazette May 2020Overcoming the difficulty of distinction in hybrid warfare: A law
of war perspective from Marine Special Operations Forces
Rethinking Combat Marksmanship TrainingCapt Michael Levine &
GySgt Neil McCoy
Gazette May 2020Trying to an indispensable skill set
Rethinking Scout/Sniper Employment in
the Infantry Battalion
Capt Adam M. FountainGazette May 2020What scout/snipers should be doing
Weapons Squad?Capt John J. Spang, USMC (Ret)Gazette May 2020Topics in rifle platoon organization
26th MEU at Operation ODYSSEY DAWNMaj Fred H. Allison, USMC (Ret)Gazette May 2020Small MAGTF, big punch
21st Century Fires WargameCol Timothy Parker &
LtCol Kevin Rogers, USMC (Ret)
Gazette May 2019The GCE fires gap
Before SunriseLtGen Steven R. RudderGazette May 2019Lethal and sustainable forward deployed forces
Every ACV a SensorLtCol Lynn BerendsenGazette May 2019Influencing future operations
Future ReconnaissanceLtCol Sean Barnes & Maj William WillisGazette May 2019Reducing human sensors
Getting UAS Integration Back on TrackMaj Jonathan Wagner, Capt Shelby Ochs, &
Joe Hackett
Gazette May 2019We need to be effective and efficient in our UAS integration
and employment
Improve Aircraft ReadinessMaj Drew Bossart, Capt Jeffrey Simonton,
CWO2 Johnathan Hassell, MGySgt Douglas
Jordan & MSgt Timothy Eustace
Gazette May 2019Applying the theory of constraints
Improving Infantry PerformanceCapt Zach BasichGazette May 2019Standardization through data analysis
InterdependenceCapts Kenton Comstock & Steven KrajewskiGazette May 2019Putting robots in the rifle squad
A Message from the DC PP&OLtGen B.D. BeaudreaultGazette May 2019Great Power Competition and the GCE
Opposition Force 2025Maj Paul L. Croom IIGazette May 2019Force-on-force training for the new normal and beyond
Optimizing Future Armored ReconnaissanceLtCol Ladd ShepardGazette May 2019Efforts to offset capabilities
Return the Amphibious Advantage to the OffenseMaj Peter Ciaston, Capts Sean Blochberger,
Corey Goodwin, Nicholas Huang &
Anthony Molnar
Gazette May 2019It’s not our last resort
Rifle Squad Leader StaffingSecond Battalion, Seventh Marine RegimentGazette May 2019An in-stride after-action
Spectrum Warfare IntegrationMaj Jonathan M. GeorgeGazette May 2019Regaining dominance of the spectrum
Tanks on the MEUCapt Kyle EndykeGazette May 2019Re-examine tank prepositioning strategy to increase operational
The 2035 GCELtCol David W. BaasGazette May 2019The future vision
Air Assault CompaniesCapt Alexander DeanGazette May 2018Effectively equipping Marines for offset insertions
Amphibious BreachingLtCol Chris HaarGazette May 2018A capability to project power where we want to fight
Bringing Back the MWSGLtCol Frank Rosa, USMC (Ret)Gazette May 2018Aviation ground support
Employing Lethal GCE C2 in the 2025 FightMr. Robert Sholtis & Maj Jon WagnerGazette May 2018Back to the future
The Enhanced Rifle CompanyMaj Chad A. BuckelGazette May 2018Continuing the need for change
Enhancing the Artillery Fire Support Model Part IICapt Marcial J. GarciaGazette May 2018A professional fire support organization
Introducing Special Mission WingCapt Abdul Rahman RahmaniGazette May 2018The most modernized unit in Afghanistan
Long Live the KingLtCols Kenneth del Mazo & Craig GiorgisGazette May 2018Expeditionary Force 21’s call to action for Marine artillery
Long-Range Precision FiresCol Joe RussoGazette May 2018Future considerations for the employment of Marine multiple
launch rocket capabilities
Manned and Unmanned TeamingLtCols Sean Barnes & Ladd W. ShepardGazette May 2018The future of Marine Corps reconnaissance units
The Next-Generation MAGTFLtGen Steven R. RudderGazette May 2018The state of Marine aviation
Rifle Squad Leader StaffingLtCol Jim LivelyGazette May 2018Time for change
Sea Dragon 2025Sgt Taylor Alligood & 1stLt John HabertGazette May 2018The uber squad
SPMAGTF-AfricaHamid LellouGazette May 2018The role Marines can play in conflict management
The Tactical Ground Advisory BoardCapt Tyler B. FolanGazette May 2018The birth of bottom-up refinement
Trophy Active Protection SystemGySgt Christopher R. BoyetteGazette May 2018A required capability