Evacuation from Enniottu, continued


This situation is the continuation of TDG #00-4, "Evacuation From Enniottu City," described in detail in MCG, Apr00 and summarized on p. 91 of this issue. You are still the commander of a MEU(SOC). Your original plan is to wait until you are within range to launch all your assets at once, and to conduct a simultaneous twoaxis evacuation: India Company (reinforced with a platoon from Lima) and an Evacuation Control Center (ECC) element will go into the American University by helo to evacuate the Embassy, while Kilo Company and an ECC element will evacuate the American Fruit & Sugar Company (AFSCO) by assault amphibious vehicles over North Beach. Your Cobras and Harriers will provide escort and close air support. The Light Armored Reconnaissance Platoon, preboated on an LCAC, will be prepared to launch a surface tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel (TRAP) or Sparrow Hawk (platoon-size reaction force). The Mortar Platoon will be prepared to launch a helicopterborne TRAP. Lima Company (minus) will be prepared to launch a helicopterborne Bald Eagle (company-size reaction force) with one platoon designated for Sparrow Hawk.

The situation deteriorates during the night, with the Embassy and University taking sporadic mortar fire and a mob forming outside the Embassy walls, so at 0145 you launch your CH-53Es with India Company (minus) to secure the Embassy. The CH-53s refuel once en route. By 0500 India has secured the Embassy perimeter, although the situation outside the walls is still very tense, and the CH-53s have departed with 135 evacuees. India reports the mob growing outside the Embassy and another forming further west on Independence, near the market and Parliament.

At 0800 Kilo Company comes ashore at North Beach, met by members of the media. Hundreds of locals are manning the obstacles at the beach exits, and the situation quickly turns dangerous as gunfire is heard and Molotov cocktails and even a few rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) explode. Employing CS gas, Kilo scatters the crowd, skirts the obstacles to the east and moves on AFSCO, making contact with a hostile force firing RPGs and machineguns from across 5th St. opposite the cannery.

Meanwhile, the rest of India (with the platoon from Lima) lands at the University by CH-46. One inbound CH-46 takes machinegun fire and crash lands off Freedom Blvd. in the slum about 400m northwest of the Embassy. Of the 18 Marines on the flight, 10 are injured, 2 seriously. The Cobra flying escort is talking to the Marines on the ground and reports that they have set up security around the crash, but the locals are starting to get curious. He reports that the nearest landing zone is the intersection of Freedom Blvd. and Pier St., but it will handle only one CH-46 at a time (maybe a CH-53).

It is now 0815. You have one section of Cobras in the air and another refueling. Kilo reports overcoming its resistance and securing the cannery after a sharp engagement. Both the Embassy and University start taking sporadic fire from the three-story apartment building about 150m north of the compound. Because of the compound walls and the high ground, most of the fire hits the upper stories of the Chancery and the University buildings. This fire seems to be increasing in volume and accuracy. It includes a heavy machinegun, but its exact location has not been pinpointed yet. The CH-46s are still on the deck at the University soccer field, waiting for the second wave of evacuees to appear from the Embassy building. One of your Cobras now reports what appears to be a companysize convoy departing the National Barracks by the main gate and turning west on Caserne Rd. Your State Department representative reports he is trying to make contact with the Enniottuese Army now to learn what its intentions are.

All this is not quite the way you drew it up at 2300 last night. What do you elect to do?


In a time limit of 5 minutes, decide what you will do in the form of any instructions or orders you will issue. Provide an overlay and a brief explanation of your decision. Submit your solution to Marine Corps Gazette, TDG #00-6, P.O. Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134, or fax 703-630-9147.