Enemy Across the Park


This scenario uses the same general setting as TDGs #99-10 and #99-12. However, this time you are the platoon commander of the Ist Platoon, Company C, Ist Battalion, 6th Marines with two assault squads and one machinegun squad attached. Your battalion has deployed to Athsano, a war torn country in southern Europe, to secure key nodes within the capital before the arrival of follow-on forces. These nodes consist of the powerplant, airport, and communications centers. The rebels have transitioned to deliberate defensive positions within the city and will fight for control of vital areas. They are employing heavy weapons, 82mm mortars, and antitank/personnel minefields. Typically operating in squad- to platoon-size elements, they are considered well trained and logistically sound.

Company C (battalion main effort) is attacking in zone to seize the radio station at Battalion Objective A (Bn ObJ A) to deny the rebel forces the ability to communicate with their supporters and the civilian populace. Initially, 2d and 3d Platoons will attack to seize Company Objective I (Co Obj 1), an important intermediate objective, as Ist Platoon covers their movement. After these platoons establish covering positions in Co Obj 1, Ist Platoon (company main effort) will attack north to seize Bn OhJ A, gain a foothold, and pass through additional units to help clear the building. The 60mm mortar section will provide fires in support.

From a second story window at your current position, you observe your frontage. Your assaultmen identified an antitank/personnel minefield along the road. It is active, as shown by the visible wreckage of an Athsano M113 armored personnel carrier, but a 15-meter-wide gap appears directly behind the wreck. A thinly wooded park extends north to Co Obi I and offers good terrain for team to squad movement. Co Obj 1, two three-story concrete buildings, appears to dominate the area, but exhibits no enemy presence. In the background, the radio tower at Bn Obj I is visible. The rebels have raised their flag on its apex.

It is now 0230. 2d Platoon, advancing through the buildings on the extreme left of the company zone, has secured a route through the first building and is entering the next. Your command element and 3d Platoon are in trace. Suddenly, the enemy engages 2d Platoon and attacks south into the same building. From your position, you can observe enemy machinegun fire coming from the third floor of Co Obj I to engage the company's positions.

The CO radios, "Attack halted, new plan. Ist Platoon attack to seize Co Obj 1. 3d Platoon assume the company main effort on order and will pass through lst Platoon to attack Bn Obj A. Ist Platoon has priority of fires from 60s until 3d Platoon launches its attack. Rotary-wing close air support requested. Intent: Catch the enemy off balance through a well-supported attack and regain the initiative. . . " What now, Lieutenant?

In a time limit of 10 minutes, decide what you will do, prepare appropriate orders and any report/requests that you would submit. Pro-6de a sketch and an explanation of your plan. Submit your solution to Marine Corps Gazette, TDG #00-2, P.O. Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134 or fax 703-630-9147.