Battle of the Garagiola River Revisited

The scenario for this game is the same as TDG #92-10, only it is seen this time from the enemy's point of view-i.e., with the roles reversed. The games stand alone and can be played in any order-but both should be played. The purpose is to illustrate the importance of trying to understand an enemy by seeing the situation through his binoculars.


You are the commander of the 9th Marines advancing generally east along the lakeshore as part of the division. Your regiment includes the 1st and 2d Battalions on assault amphibious vehicles (AAVs) and the 3d Battalion on trucks. For the last 10 days the division has been advancing against an enemy tank-mechanized force of regimental strength. This enemy has been waging an effective and clever delaying action, fighting tenaciously from delaying positions, making effective use of terrain and supporting arms, but disengaging and falling back before the division can bring about a decisive engagement. Frustrated over the rate of advance and inability to force the enemy into battle, the division commander moves your regiment into the lead and attaches a tank battalion. His instructions to you are: "Attack aggressively, force a crossing of the Garagiola River as quickly as possible to facilitate the continuation of the advance, and crush the enemy force opposing us once and for all. The 4th Marines will be ready to reinforce and exploit your success."

Intelligence indicates that the enemy has fallen back through Tragedia and Garagiola and is preparing positions along the Garagiola River, which has steep banks that make it impassible to any vehicles. As your leading mechanized battalion approaches Checkpoint 68, you receive a report of enemy light-armored infantry (with antitank missiles) at Tragedia. Within the next half hour your regiment will be engaged. What are your orders, Colonel?


In a time limit of 10 minutes, give the orders you would pass to your subordinates. Provide a sketch of your plan, any guidance for supporting arms, and a brief explanation of your plan. Submit your solution to Marine Corps Gazette, TDG #92-12, P. O. Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134