The Krulian Army imvaded Napa a week ago in a surprise attack that quickly overcame the weak Napian Defense Force and seized Napa’s Capital, Krosova. In response, a divided U.N. Security Council passed a resolution condemning the invasion yet not authorizing military action. Meanwhile, Krulian soldiers committed the ill-judged act of storming the American Embassy in Krosova, killing about a dozen Americans and holding several hostage. With outraged America demanding retaliation, the American President decided to take the lead in stopping the Krulian forces. The President tasked the military to:

1. Ensure the safety of American and other selected national citizens in Napa.

2. Eject the military forces of Krul from the country of Napa using all means necessary.

3. Restore the Napian democratic government.

Intel Estimate: The 1st Brigade (Mech) of the Krulian Guards Division (KGD) has been tasked with the security of Krosova. These are the Krulian’s best trained and equipped troops. The 1st Brigade’s headquarters is in the Parliament buildings. One mech battalion, reinforced with a SAM battery is defending the airport and has blocked all runways. The remaining two mech battalions and a tank company are dispersed at various locations throughout the city and have been conducting continuous mounted and dismounted patrols. The 2d (Mech) and 3d (Motorized) Brigades of the KGD are both within striking distance of Krosova to the northwest and northeast respectively. Terrain around Krosova consists of rugged hills with agricultural valleys. While the hills are severely restrictive, the valleys offer excellent mobility corridors and drop zones. Weather forecast: clear skies with moderate temperatures. There are several sections of the coast that offer potential amphibious landing sites.

Friendly Forces: The Joint Force Land Component (FLC) consists of the 13th and 24th MEU(SOC)s formed under the II MEF(Fwd) Headquarters, the 2d Brigade of the 82d Airborne Division, and two battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment. The Joint Special Operations Component USOC) has a slice of Delta and SEAL. teams. The Marines are 60 miles offshore. The remaining forces are forward deployed to an airbase 2 hours flying time from Krosova.

Mission: On D-day, the JFLC secures a beachhead at Krosova to enable an MPS offload in preparation for future operations against the Krulian Army.

You are on the operations staff of the Joint Force Land Component Commander (JFLCC). In his commander’s planning guidance, the JFLCC stated that the enemy’s center of gravity is his KGD. His critical vulnerability is the lack of an integrated air defense, leaving him open for attack by American airpower. The JFLCC wants to simultaneously isolate the capital, seize the port facilities and airport, rescue the hostages (still at the American Embassy), and secure the parliament buildings. Once this is accomplished, he wants to focus on the destruction of the ]st Brigade of the KGD, located in Krosova. The air component commander is confident that we can maintain air superiority and provide sufficient air assets to attrite or destroy the 2d and 3d Brigades of the KGD before they can interfere with operations in Krosova. He also has the capability to lift both Ranger battalions and the Airborne brigade.


In a time limit of 30 minutes develop a course of action for the JFLCC. Then provide a sketch and a brief explanation of your plan. Submit your solution to Marine Corps Gazette, TDG #99-2, P.O. Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134 or fax 703-640-0823.