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“The discussions should in no way be construed as the only “right” answer.  Nor should the different options discussed be construed and meant to be conclusive or exhaustive.  They are intended instead as food for thought—to identify key considerations and possibilities.”

–Major John F. Schmidt, USMCR

Marine Corps Gazette’s Mastering Tactics, A Tactical Decision Game Workbook

Enter the TDG Arena: here we present classic Tactical Decision Games from the pages of the Gazette along with previously published solutions.  Your mission is to critique the solutions.  You may point out what you see as flaws in the proposed solution, highlight relevant tactical concepts, identify the effects new weapons or technology on the course of action or offer your own solution.  Let the words of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel be your guide:

“Normally, there is no ideal solution to military problems; every course of action has its advantages and disadvantages. One must select that which seems best from the most varied aspects and then pursue it resolutely and accept the consequences.”

From Infantry Attacks

For additional help, check out the TDG Weapons Guide here and Mastering Tactics by Maj Schmitt here and above.