icon Request An Excellence Award

Excellence awards are used to recognize the exceptional performance of Marines, starting at Boot Camp and OCS and continuing to the end of a Marines’ career.  Virtually every MOS and PME school in the Marine Corps receives support in the way of excellence awards from the Marine Corps Association Foundation, and even smaller unit-run activities like Corporal’s courses receive our support.  Our support also extends to large annual awards presented by Deputy Commandants at formal events, such as the Leftwich Trophy for the outstanding ground combat arms officer each year.  MCAF provides over 5,000 awards annually, most to enlisted Marines.

With some new schools and courses being developed in the Marine Corps, there is an opportunity for those schools and units to also receive new excellence awards.  MCAF typically provides the honor graduate awards, but can also have others (e.g. “gung ho” award for the most motivated and inspiring Marine in the course).  Coordination with the MCAF staff is essential to help determine what is supportable.

For questions or additional information, please contact SgtMaj Kevin Bennett, USMC (Ret) at k.bennett@mca-marines.org703-640-0132 or Mrs Beth Murphy at b.murphy@mca-marines.org703-640-0144.

Allow time for processing.  All approvals and the award design must be in place before we will provide new awards to your unit.

PLEASE NOTE: Support for excellence awards, when offered, constitute an unconditional gift and require the Commanding Officer (under $3000) or Commanding General (over $3000) holding Special Court Martial Authority, to accept the offer under the authority of MCO 5800.16-V8 (Legal Support and Administration manual) 01 May 2018. A letter of gift acceptance is required to be returned to MCAF.