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The Commandant, Gen Berger, in his planning guidance has emphasized the importance of wargames for Marines.  The ability to test your Marines in a competitive environment, often in force on force games against a “thinking enemy,” is crucial.  The Marine Corps Association Foundation is expanding our programs to include some wargame options for Marine Corps units.  Currently, our focus is to support Tactical level games, but we are also in support of an Operational level game created by the Wargaming Division, Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, also.  We may add other tactical and operational level games, based on demand.

The wargame options for Marine units are described here.

For questions or additional information, please contact MSgt Preston Mitchell, USMC (Ret) at p.mitchell@mca-marines.org703-640-0144.

Allow time for processing.  All approvals must be in place before we will ship games to your unit.

PLEASE NOTE: Support for wargame resources, when offered, constitute an unconditional gift and require the Commanding Officer (under $3000) or Commanding General (over $3000) holding Special Court Martial Authority, to accept the offer under the authority of MCO 5800.16-V8 (Legal Support and Administration manual) 01 May 2018. A letter of gift acceptance is required to be returned to MCAF.

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