Two Birds, One Stone


You are Bakhtawar, a leader under the warlord Wadaan Zarhawar. Your clan held a position of prominence in Jalalabad prior to the invasion of the Americans and Europeans and the subsequent American occupation. While your Pashtun tribal leaders reluctantly supported the foreign intervention, smaller clans, especially the Tajiks under warlord GuI Rang, seek to increase their power by allying themselves closely with the Americans.

As a result, Wadaan has ordered you to infiltrate into Gul’s area of control and ambush the Americans. You have 16 fighters, 14 armed with AK-47s and 2 armed with rocket propelled grenades (3 rounds each). You also have access to three mortar rounds, three handgrenades, one mortar round that is rigged to blow up by cell phone, and two cell phones for communications. You do not have access to your vehicles due to Gul’s vehicle checkpoints.

You sent out two scouts with one cell phone to the bridge to report when the Americans cross the bridge and are heading north. The rest of the your warband infiltrated into Gul’s area by foot and got ready to attack. You have been in place approximately 1 hour when your scout calls and reports that the Americans have just crossed the bridge in 3 groups of 10 to 15 men each moving along Route 6 and two parallel streets. What now?


In a time limit of 1 5 minutes, determine what actions you would take during your 1-hour preparation time and what orders you would issue to your warband.

Issues for Consideration

1. What is your reason for launching this attack on this ground?

2. What does Wadaan Zarhawar want you to accomplish?

3. How do your actions support this?

4. What do you consider mission success?

5. What do you want to see happen to warlord GuI Rang’s area of control? What do you want to see happen to the American forces?

6. What considerations do you give to damage to personal property and loss of life in Gul’s area?

7. Is your focus on using your fighters to engage the enemy or on instigating locals?

8. Assume at the end of the engagement that you have brought down two Americans, your fighters have ceded the battlefield to the Americans, you have fallen back to your area of control with most of your fighters, one child and one woman were killed in the fighting, their home was damaged, and two of your fighters were killed. How can you use all of these factors to your advantage?

9. How sensitive are you to casualties among your own fighters? How sensitive are you to local civilian casualties?