On the Road to Martinstraus

By Steven L. Banks


You are the commander of Company A, 1st Tank Battalion, with three tank platoons, a rifle platoon on AAVs, and a reinforced light armored reconnaissance (LAR) platoon (four LAV-25s, two LAV-ATs). 1st Marine Division is conducting combat operations in a hilly region of the country of Tracoatia and plans to attack northeast to destroy a brigade-size enemy force that intelligence indicates is building up north of Stony River. 1st Tanks has been ordered to seize the Martinstraus bridge in order to facilitate the attack north across the river. Your company will be the advance guard, with the rest of the battalion following in trace ready to support. Battalion informs you that artillery and four AH-1W Cobras are in direct support of your company.

At 0700 your company departs its assembly area traveling along Route 2 in the order of march shown. As you approach the dirt road intersecting Route 2, your company begins receiving fire from Hills 327 and 350. Your platoons seek cover and return fire. Your forward observer (FO) calls for artillery support. You estimate the incoming fire to be 14.5mm, consistent with what you would expect from enemy security forces.

What are you going to do, Captain?


In a time limit of 5 minutes decide what you \vill do by issuing any orders and/or making any appropriate reports/ requests. Then provide a sketch and any explanation of your plan. Send your solution to Marine Corps Gazette, TDG #96-11, Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134 or fax 703-640-0823.