MCDP 4 Approved

Recently the Corps published Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 4 Logistics. MCDP 4 provides a conceptual framework for the understanding and practice of effective logistics. Because logistics is an essential component of any military activity, this publication is meant to guide Marines at all levels of command in both the operating forces and the supporting establishment.

MCDP 4 recognizes that war is conducted in an environment of complexity, fluidity, disorder, and uncertainty, and it seeks to provide the commander with the physical means to win in such an environment. As such, MCDP 4 recognizes logistics as an integral part of warfighting. Logistics provides the resources of combat power, brings those resources to the battle, and sustains them throughout the course of operations.

Further, MCDP 4 describes Marine logistics capabilities that are based upon our warfighting philosophy of maneuver warfare. These capabilities are expeditionary in nature and naval in character.

They extend our operational limits and allow us to anticipate requirements while remaining flexible, adaptable, and responsive to changing conditions in the battlespace.

MCDP 4 is the second in a series of now 10 (originally 9) higher order doctrinal publications presently under development, the last of which will be completed by summer 1997 (MCG, Jan96, p. 9). MCDP 4 does not supersede any current doctrinal publications, however, it does provide the authoritative basis for the subsequent development of logistics doctrine, education, training, equipment, procedures, and organization.

Marine units will soon receive sufficient copies of MCDP 4 via the Marine Corps Publications Distribution System for all officers and SNCOs. In addition, the publication is available now for immediate electronic distribution from the MCCDC Doctrine Division Internet Homepage at http//ismo-www1.mqg. or http//138.156. 107.3/docdiv.