MCDP 2 Approved

Recently the Corps published Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 2, Intelligence. MCDP 2 provides all Marines with a conceptual framework for the understanding and practice of effective intelligence. In doing so, it provides a framework for the planning and execution of intelligence operations in peace, in crisis, or in war.

MCDP 2‘s view of intelligence is based upon a common understanding of the nature of war and the Corps’ maneuver warfare philosophy. MCDP 2 builds upon this doctrinal foundation by describing the relationship of intelligence within the context of other warfighting activities. In particular, MCDP 2 emphasizes that:

Intelligence is a fundamental component of command and control that is inseparable from operations.

Intelligence provides not just information but knowledge of the enemy and the environment that is used to support decisionmaking.

Effective intelligence shapes operations by uncovering enemy vulnerabilities that may be exploited to provide a decisive advantage. Intelligence also aids in protecting friendly forces against the effects of enemy actions by identifying the enemy’s capabilities and potential courses of action.

Given the inherent uncertainty of war and the fact that intelligence deals directly with the hostile, independent will of the enemy, intelligence provides estimates and probabilities, not certainty.

The commander’s direct involvement is necessary to provide effective conduct of intelligence operations. MCDP 2 points out that intelligence is every Marine’s responsibility. All Marines must see themselves as collectors, protectors, disseminators, and users of intelligence.

MCDP 2 is the third in a series of nine higher order doctrinal publications presently under development; the series is on schedule to be completed by the end of this summer. MCDP 2 does not supersede any current doctrinal publications, however, it does provide the authoritative basis for the subsequent development of intelligence doctrine, education, training, equipment, procedures, and organization.

Marine units will soon receive sufficient copies of MCDP 2 via the Marine Corps Publications Distribution System for all officers, SNCOs, and unit libraries. In addition, the publication is available now for immediate electronic distribution from the Marine Corps Combat Development Command’s Doctrine Division Internet Homepage at http// or http//