Marines Are Who We Are, Special Operations Are What We Do

Fellow Gazette Readers:

The ever-evolving environment we live in has and will continue to significantly shape how the Joint Force operates. The nation’s quest to outpace near-peer competitors has never been more important. Accordingly, MARFORSOC moves with purpose by acting deliberately today in preparation for a crisis or conflict tomorrow. MARFORSOC recognized an inflection point in emerging global trends and emerging threats. The need was identified for a new operating concept that not only focused on tactical actions but also creation of effects with strategic impact. In response, we created and are implementing Strategic Shaping and Reconnaissance (SSR). SSR’s premise is weighted towards illuminating, characterizing, and shaping across all domains, spanning competition to conflict. Through operational shaping and tactical reconnaissance, MARFORSOC is optimally positioned to provide Joint Force Commanders with viable options to deter, deescalate, or defeat adversarial aggression, be it towards our valued partners or our own national interests. To do this effectively means exploring how to create maximum capacity while conserving capability through internal investments and external engagements.

MARFORSOC’s modernization approach is strongly connected to the USSOCOM “SOF Next” force design and the USMC 2030 Force Design concepts. We embrace emerging technologies that best support integration, interoperability, and interdependence (I3) not only within the Special Operations Forces (SOF) enterprise but also with Marine Corps formations. Focusing on multi-domain sensing and resilient communications architectures, MARFORSOC seeks to provide a decisional advantage to connected command nodes increasing the lethality, resilience, and mission effectiveness of the warfighter. This will enable our allies and partners to recognize and respond to malign activities.

In all our eff orts to enhance our employment efficacy while balancing our resources responsibly, MARFORSOC maintains its primary platform as its number one priority: our people.

Regardless of how MARFORSOC moves forward, it is our people who will always make the difference. The Marine Raider perpetually promotes a mindset of “creator, innovator, connector,” leveraging the support of the latest technology. A Raider’s presence, along with their superb judgement, creativity, resilience, and invincible spirit, provides the access, placement, and expertise to produce the effects we seek to achieve. As we meet the many diverse and distinct demands of dynamically shifting situations, we strive to strengthen the Marine Raider legacy by generating silent professionals who ensure success today, while setting the example for future generations who will answer the call to take their place within it.

MARFORSOC proudly remains ready, resilient, and committed to shaping the operating environment to generate decisive advantage for the Joint Force. Spiritus Invictus and Semper Fidelis!

Semper Fi,

Major General, U.S. Marine Corps Commander
Marine Forces Special Operations Command