Maneuver Warfare

by Maj C. J. Gregor

It has been interesting to observe all the deference and praise heaped on Mr. Lind as some modern master of military thought and analysis. It just goes to show what intellectual and historical cripples we are, bordering on professional incompetence. We don’t study war and history, we let some congressional, civilian staffer tell us about it. His articles, hardly original, are rewordings of classic Liddell Hart, von Mellinthin, Balck, von Manstein and Guderian whom he doesn’t even credit for their origins. I find it ludicrous that the Marine Corps has adopted a civilian consultant without military experience, Mr. Lind, to help us learn how to fight. We are doing something wrong! We in the military had better get our act together and start studying and thinking about war before the civilians do it for us and make military decisions by default. Where are our fighting military leaders?