Let’s Learn From Everybody

by SSgt C. Slipetsky

* I enjoyed the June issue, but one article has really gotten under my skin. “Why the German Example?” by Mr. Lind was a fine article, but the subject bothers me greatly . . .

What I found shocking and disheartening was that there is a need for articles of this nature that have to defend an idea with merit simply because of its origin. Why must the origin of “institutionalized maneuver warfare,” or any other idea with merit, have to be examined and defended before considering the idea for application? Let’s argue about the when, where, how, and why of the idea, but not its origin.

History, to me, is not much more than the recording of ideas, successes, and mistakes. What better wealth of knowledge is there to help one develop sound tactical concepts for the future? To disregard an applicable section of history, for whatever reason, is criminal! If we can learn lessons from Clausewitz, Napoleon, and Liddell-Hart, then why not from Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian? The lesson can be learned regardless of who had the idea, who was successful, or who made the mistake! I never realized that such narrowminded people would even bother reading this magazine.