In Defense of Mr. Lind

by Col Bruce G. Brown, USMC(Ret)

I am not a disciple of William S. Lind nor do I agree with all that he has written on maneuver warfare. However, it is both unfair and unprofessional to castigate him and his writing by direct or implied attacks (cheap shots) on his “lack of military experience.” Recent critics should recall that it was Mr. Lind, at first almost alone, who had guts enough to offer an alternative to the Marine Corps focus on linear warfare and frontal assault tactics. He was the primary origin of the refocus on the art of war reflected in the GAZETTE over the past two years. Had it not been for Mr. Lind’s persistence, Capt S.W. Miller’s 1979 article could have been quickly forgotten.

It seems to me Marines owe Mr. Lind a debt of gratitude rather than a kick in the rear for alleged inexperience. Judge his writing and his ideas. If you don’t agree, provide alternatives, insight, better ideasborrow from his work and paint the product Marine green. After all, that’s your job not Mr. Lind’s.