Dull Garrison Chronicles, Part VII: The “Guts” R

By Carl F. Kusch


This is a continuation of the Dull Garrison Chronicles and takes place on the same terrain encountered in TDG #12-16R. It is the last of the Dull Garrison Chronicles.

Currently, we find that through the skillful efforts of Company F, BLT 2/8 has pushed past the village of Al Bandi and is bearing down on the larger town of Al Habib in two separate columns. The provisional rifle battalion (PRB) is desperately short of ammunition, water, and medical supplies and has a growing casualty list well over 60 percent. It is holding out on its last legs in the south central part of Al Habib.

In an apparent effort to eliminate the remnants of the PRB, the enemy has resorted to launching fanatic human wave assaults against the tiny Marine stronghold while leaving weaker forces to engage and delay our advancing relief column on the outskirts of the town. Although it is thought that the bulk of the enemy’s screening forces are poised on the northern edge of town, it appears that at least four squads are located in the northeast corner.

Recognizing both the nature of the enemy’s dispositions and the urgency of the situation in relation to the PRB, the commander of BLT 2/8 has decided that the quickest way to reach the beleaguered PRB is to envelop the enemy’s western flank, employing Company G, which is approaching from that direction in one of the battalion’s two columns. Finally, the battalion commander intends to fix the remainder of the enemy’s screening force in its positions by feigning an attack on the northern outskirts, using both Companies E and F. To this end, Company G has been designated the BLT’s point of main effort. Company G has attached two sections of heavy machine guns (total of four MEl9/four .50 caliber M2HB) and one section (four launchers) of Javelins. Also available to the company commander are fire missions from the BLT 81mm mortar platoon and artillery battery, as well as support from one section (two aircraft) of Cobra attack helicopters. Note: The accompanying map only reflects the northwest corner of Al Habib.


You are the Commanding Officer, Company G. Since time is critical to the survivors of the PRB, quickly formulate your plans and issue your orders. Include an overlay sketch and provide a brief discussion of the rationale behind your actions. Submit your solutions by email at gazette@mca-marines.org or to the Marine Corps Gazette, TDG 12-16R, Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134. The Gazette will publish solutions in an upcoming issue.