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Welcome to the Gazette Blog Resources page and thank you for your interest in the Marine Corps Gazette Blog.

The blog is a “Warfighters Book Club” wherein we ask Marines to read a specific book and debate the merits of its message. Calls to Action will be sent in advance so that you have time to read and prepare for the upcoming discussions.

On this page you can:

  1. Apply to be a Gazette blogger
  2. Submit your posts to the monthly discourse

To apply to become a blogger, simply fill out the information on the Blog Application Page. After submitting the application, our staff will verify you and add you as an author so you can begin posting!

To submit a post, after you’ve prepared your post, simply visit the Blog Submission Form and fill out the form to make your submission. Once you’ve hit “submit” your post will be under review. We’ll post it as soon as we’ve had a chance to read it.

Note: You have to be logged into the website to make use of the pages.

View and comment on the current Call to Action!

Call to Action: Operations in the Information Environment

View and comment on past Call to Actions!

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Call to Action: Ready Player One

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